Senate Republicans Shun Returning Veterans and Retirees

Courtesy of US National Archives (DIVDS PDM)

The old, white men on the right side of the Capitol Building appear to be shunning two of their largest demographics; the military and retirees. These two groups are critical to their winning any future elections, especially the presidency.

Just last week, 25 Republican Senators were prepared to defeat a bill that would have offered assistance to returning veterans who were damaged by Agent Orange and burn pits in war zones. Only strong-arming by Senate Minority Leader, Moscow Mitch McConnell, saved the bill. It was approved the following day.

Today, less than three months before the midterm elections, GOP Senators are discussing the repeal of the greatest and most important program ever established by our government, Social Security. It’s difficult for the party that lost the presidency to lose in the midterm elections, but Trump and his ‘MAGA Republicans’ are obviously trying to lose. They are self-destructing.

Republicans are facing a crisis. The primary demographic of the former GOP were baby boomers. The original baby boomers, myself included, are in their mid-seventies. Some friends my age have already passed, and others are in poor health, and voting may not be their primary concern if they are capable.

Even more upsetting for right-wing politicians is the fact that millennials, generation X, and other younger voters are finally paying attention. They are concerned about their future and how politics affect that situation. They notice what the two parties stand for and against and have questions, many of which go unanswered. Their votes will depend upon who and how those questions are answered prior to November 8th.

Courtesy of Ted Van Pelt (Flickr CC0)

One additional factor will be critical in 2022. Will Trump-backed candidates have the support of today’s Republican voters, or will they be rejected?

Don’t feel sorry for these Republicans in name only; they put themselves in this position. Supporting Trump’s four long years of Constitutional violations and crimes against the American people is unforgivable. His MAGA Republicans continue to support his “big lie,” as do his most avid supporters I call “Magamericans.” Will this destroy the Republican Party forever, or will uninformed Americans continue to believe the lies coming from the right side of the aisle?

Republicans are facing a huge challenge. Losing even a part of the military and retirement age vote would cost them dearly, and they are fully aware of that fact.

Social Security has been called a “sacred cow.” Voting to make any negative changes to the program, which has saved and will continue to save the futures of millions of Americans each year, would be political suicide, although most Republican congressmen are themselves over the age of 60.

What I do not understand is ‘why are these fake Republicans giving the Democrats tools to retain the House and Senate?’ This all began with “The Six Bad Actors” on the Supreme Court, who, in an act of pure partisanship, overturned a nearly 50-year-old decision by a qualified and principled Court, although more than 60 percent of all Americans opposed its repeal. Every move made by these fake Republicans harmed their future.

On November 8th, remember this. Your vote should be given to those who vote for you and yours on the issues most important to your future. Don’t watch television and listen to the lies of today’s fake Republicans. It’s your country.

By James Turnage, Novelist


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Featured and Top Image by US Navy PH1 Michael A. Worner Courtesy of US National Archive – Public Domain License
Inset Image Courtesy of Ted Van Pelt’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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