Donald Trump’s Dreams of Absolute Power Are Crumbling

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Donald Trump’s MAGA Republicans are surely shaking their heads, asking themselves, “what did we do?” Beginning in January of 2017, 100% of the traitorous cowards on the right side of the aisle, led by Moscow Mitch McConnell, took advantage of Trump’s malignant narcissism and maneuvered him into signing executive orders and securing legislation that would achieve their many ambitions which actually began more than 40 years ago. They continue to seek ultimate power and the destruction of the dreams of our Founding Fathers. Everyone must understand that Trump is not the head of the beast; he is the smelly old thing at the other end.

What happened in Mar-a-Lago is most likely the beginning of the end of our nation’s greatest criminal. Today’s fake Republicans know the truth because they know what documents Trump stole when he left the White House. They made a choice to align their futures with those of the worst presidents in American history. Now they will pay for their crimes.

Among the stolen, classified documents are secret information about our nuclear weapons and their capability. There is no doubt that Trump planned to sell them or use them as a bargaining agent to secure what’s left of his pitiful life. Anyone who knows the truth about Donald Trump will confirm this assumption. He will say or do anything to save his humongous derriere.

Courtesy of Kevin O’Mara (Flickr CC0)

Trump has attempted to misdirect the truth about his theft, but each excuse has failed and those following them become more unrealistic and laughable.

This is one of the most recent, from a Trump loyalist who is another fake journalist, John Solomon.

“Statement from Trump Office: As we can all relate to, everyone ends up having to bring home their work from time to time… He had a standing order that documents removed from the Oval Office taken to the residence were deemed to be declassified.”

Really? He was not employed by the people of our nation on January 20, 2021. He was not “taking work from home.” His intentions were sinister, and he planned to use those documents for his own benefit.

What I am expecting is hilarious but predictable. One by one, these bogus Republicans will begin to swear that they were conned by Trump. Ignorance is ‘bliss.’ However, if any American accepts their lies, they should be deemed too dumb to vote.

The truth is that prior to the 2016 election, approximately 90% of all Republicans denounced Trump. After he was gifted the Electoral College, they became hypocrites, one and all, and supported the least qualified man to be given the presidency in history.

Recently, in New York State, Trump was forced to testify in a hearing related to allegations of fraud and tax fraud. He took the fifth amendment hundreds of times. This was a statement he made in 2016 when Hillary Clinton took the Fifth Amendment when questioned about her use of private emails.

“The mob takes the Fifth,” he said at a campaign rally. “If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?”

I use this to display Trump’s facetious attitude about the law and his complete lack of integrity. He is obviously guilty.

Respect and trust are earned and should never be given freely or casually. Anyone who claims to be a Republican today is unworthy of receiving your trust or respect. They have become the greatest enemy of every average American.

By James Turnage, Novelist


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Gage Skidmore’s Flickr Page  – Creative Commons License
Inset Image Courtesy of Kevin O’Mara’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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