Streaming Platforms Leave Broadcast and Cable TV in the Dust

Courtesy of The Focal Project (Flickr CC0)

For the first time ever, streaming platforms have outshined broadcast and cable TV. The Nielsen Company gathered the viewing data for the different ways people relax and catch up on their favorite shows. It was not uncommon for the streaming viewers to exceed the number of broadcasting watchers.

Not only has it claimed the largest viewership but it averages around 190.9 billion minutes of streamed content a week. Leaving the previous record of 169.9 billion minutes during the pandemic lockdown period of April 2020.

The five weeks of July 2022 represent the highest volume of streaming viewers — excluding the week of Dec. 27, 2021 — on record, according to Nielsen’s measurement. July’s TV usage was practically identical to that of the month of June.

Courtesy of The Focal Project (Flickr CC0)

Americans spent an average of 190.9 billion minutes streaming content per week in July. Streaming Platforms captured 34.8% of July’s viewership. Cable TV accounted for 34.4% with broadcast coming in third at 21.6%.

This highlights the expansion of Americans streaming consumption along with the platforms they utilize.

Platforms like Hulu, Netflix, Peacock, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video seem to be continuing to gain users. Between the month of June to July streaming usage grew by 3.2%. When Nielsen consulted the data from last year to now they found that these platforms increased by 22.6%.

The nearly 18 billion minutes of watch time of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” and the 11 billion minutes of combined viewing of “The Umbrella Academy” and “Virgin River” helped the platform gain an 8% share.

The 3 billion minutes viewed of Hulu’s new season of “Only Murders in the Building” and “The Bear” contributed to the platform’s record share. Amazon Prime Video netted over 8 billion viewing minutes gaining them a 3.0 share.

One fact that could be contributing to the rise in streamers is the fact that streaming platforms offer more versatility and mobility. Or maybe it was the heat wave keeping people indoors more. Whatever the reason it seems that streaming platforms are leaving cable and broadcast TV in the dust.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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Images Courtesy of The Focal Project’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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