The Mar-a-Lago Plot Thickens: A Orange Jumpsuit May Be in Trump’s Future

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The search warrant served at Trump’s residence, and playground, Mar-a-Lago, on Monday began with a search for stolen documents from the White House. Today, Thursday, it has become far more complicated and devastating for the man who will be remembered as the worst president in American history.

There appears to have been a multiple-purpose search. We are aware that they were looking for documents stolen from the White House and any information pertaining to the failed coup attempt on January 6, but we were surprised to learn that they were looking for stolen “nuclear secrets.”

Records that the FBI searched for at former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property included classified documents related to nuclear weapons, The Washington Post reported on Thursday.

Sources familiar with the investigation told the Post that those documents were among those the FBI sought on Monday when the bureau executed a search warrant at Trump’s Palm Beach, Fla., residence.

Excuse me, but what in the hell is wrong with this old man? Who does he think he is? Whatever that is, he is wrong; He is a dirty, old man who is irrelevant to everyone but himself. Trump is a “snake oil salesman,” and he’s not good at that unless you are a weak-minded individual.

Trump’s “MAGA Republicans” continue to criticize the FBI without cause. If they know anything about federal law, it is not easy to get a search warrant from a federal judge. Trump believes that there is “a mole, or moles” inside Mar-a-Lago. That is not surprising.

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One surprise was an appearance on Fox News by Republican Party Whip Steve Scalise, a devoted member of Trump’s fascist MAGA Party, which resulted in surprise. After Scalise attacked the FBI for raiding Trump’s residence, as they would have any perceived criminal with a presentation of evidence and where additional evidence was located, the former Republican called the FBI’s actions “rogue.” Fox and Friends co-host Peter Doocy responded.

“Whatever happened to the Republican Party backing the blue?” host Steve Doocy asked. He added: “Who went rogue? They were following a search warrant,” Doocy said.

Poor Stevie, the truth really hurts, and the truth has destroyed what little was left of the once Grand Old Party, which has become the “White Old Men’s Party.”

Now for the final addition to what is another conspiracy theory.

“As the facts stand now, his defense would be, ‘I declassified those documents. I am not therefore in possession of classified documents now,’” said Charles Stimson, a senior fellow with the conservative Heritage Foundation and a former federal prosecutor.

Other legal experts have a different opinion. It appears that the FBI and the warrant claim that their search was for documents that had not been declassified. Trump lawyer Christina Bobb said Tuesday that the warrant left by agents indicated they were investigating possible violations of laws dealing with the handling of classified material and the Presidential Records Act.

I have one very honest and very important question: How many crimes will Trump be allowed to commit until he is behind bars wearing an orange jumpsuit?

He has committed more crimes than a ‘master criminal’ in a two-hour movie. I am tired of seeing his face on the internet. He is unworthy of the attention of any real American.

By James Turnage, Novelist


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