Truth Can Defeat the Party of Lying Fascist Billionaires and Millionaires

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I continue to wait for the American people to awaken from their nightmare created by Donald Trump and his hypocritical party and realize that we can do much better. America in the 21st century is a business, not a country. The truth is, if you are not a billionaire, a millionaire, or a member of the former Republican Party, you are not represented in Washington by one-half of all elected officials and two-thirds of the Supreme Court.

A second Civil War exists today between the super-rich, their party who are, in fact, Trump MAGA Republicans, composed of every member of the party which sits on the right side of the Capitol Building, and real Americans who want to save democracy for posterity.

There is a growing army of loyal Americans who are fighting to remove every man and woman who continues to support their former fascist president from their lives of luxury and privilege in Washington. They do not represent you, and you have no reason to support them in their reelection efforts. One courageous person is representing the few remaining Republicans in Washington, and one legitimate journalist who is not afraid to do the right thing and is reporting the truth.

One of these true Americans who is supporting the people who love our democracy and believe in the future of our nation is Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney. Although I and many other progressives have been at odds with the daughter of Dick Cheney, who was the mastermind behind most of the lies and evil actions of the George W. Bush administration, she is a legitimate member of the Grand Old Party who loves her country and did the right thing while the other members who fallaciously claim to be Republicans continue to serve Trump.

Not a single “Republican” in the senate is a legitimate member of the Republican Party in 2022. Each of them obeys Moscow Mitch McConnell, as he obeyed Trump for four years.

Because Cheney had the courage to be a member of the House select committee investigating Trump’s effort to overthrow our government on January 6, 2021, she lost her primary in the dark red state of Wyoming one week ago. However, she is not giving up her fight to save our country.

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Appearing Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” she offered a promise to host Jonathan Karl:

“I’m going to be very focused on working to ensure that we do everything we can not to elect election deniers,” Cheney said. “And I’m going to work against those people. I’m going to work to support their opponents. I think it matters that much.” She told Karl that some of those targets might include her Republican colleagues in Congress.

Joining them was the CNN reporter Jake Tapper. He spoke on a forum conducted by contributors to Mother Jones. He spoke about the accusations of Trump and his MAGA Party, which have been proven false beyond any doubt, and the subsequent effort to overthrow our government on Jan. 6, 2021. Tapper said:

I haven’t booked any of the liars since the election, but it’s not a policy. If one of them wanted to come on the show, I would talk about it with my team. I would want to talk about the election lies, not just as a throwaway at the end, but as a focus.

I think it’s important to book conservatives. But the election lies are not a difference about tax policy. It’s not a disagreement about a social issue. The election lies are lies. It’s no less a lie than saying that the moon landing was faked or that the Holocaust didn’t happen or that Bush knew about 9/11 and let it happen. These are offensive ideas.“ The election lies are lies. It’s no less a lie than saying that the moon landing was faked.”

Look, people lost their lives that day [January 6]. The truth is, we’re lucky that more people didn’t die. And so I think it is incredibly derelict for journalists just to pick up and move on.

Since Ronald Reagan’s administration, between 1981 and 1989, lies and misdirection have been the tools of the Republican Party. Reagan created a policy of secrecy that prevented the American people from knowing the truth about their government. They began the current policy of hiding the corruption in Washington under the guise of “reasons of national security.” The truth is that the facts were too harmful to members of our government to be revealed to the people of our nation.

Nothing is more frightening to Trump and his fascist party than the truth. If every American were aware of the facts, this “Republican Party” would be shunned and nothing but a bad memory.

By James Turnage, Novelist


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