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All Hallows Eve Festivities in Chicago

Courtesy of Dark Dwarf (Flickr CC0)

All Hallows Eve (Halloween) in Chicago is one of the most event-filled nights in October. Children come home from school dressed in their favorite costumes, and family trips to Chicago zoos and pumpkin patches can lead to an exciting weekend out with friends and family. The nightlife is equally as optimistic. Bars begin their sales pitch to bring in party-goers looking for discounted drinks and late dinners.

Costume Partys, drinks, and more, this Halloween river north Chicago, the Halloween Day crawl in River north best participating bars will be open to the public. That includes breakfast alcohol and night festivities all rolled into one. From 12 pm to 6 pm multiple venues will line up in the River North area, wristbands, and tickets are all included in the event. Once attendees pay for an entry ticket, ranging from ten to twenty dollars, they have admission to all bars, and free gift cards able to be spent on the available breakfast buffets and drink specials.

The Halloween Day crawl is a connected event with all the venues in the area, where those with a wristband can choose whether to indulge in the day’s drinking festivities or even play along and bring a costume for the contest where winners have a chance at winning more of the many giveaways available.

Many of the giveaways you receive once you purchase your ticket, as disclosed by the events description, include up to $30 dollars in Doordash orders, $10 free for bitcoin, and more exciting opportunities for patrons.

This isn’t the only autumn experience, even before Halloween starts the end of September signals the opportunity for Museums, schools, and exhibits to attract more kids – and by extension, paying parents, through the premise of Halloween sales. Most pumpkin adventures for young children come to town before the season gets too cold and that’s no exception in Chicago with the incoming autumn weather.

October 21 through the 30th places like Brookfield Zoo and Lincoln park zoo promotes fun dress-up invitations for children looking to visit the “spookier” side of the exhibits. With the opportunity of photo opts next to children’s favorite enclosure and free treats for the kids and families.

All Hallows Eve Festivities aren’t limited to just stores and businesses, Arts in the Dark is a family-friendly Halloween parade spectacle this October 22 –  29, 2022. The art aspect features multiple gigantic puppets, designed floats fitted with giant skulls, mummies, and extravagant performers. The entirety of the parade will run between Lake and Van Buren on State Street.

Courtesy of Adrianne Behning – (Flickr CC0)

Meanwhile, the always-accessible Navy Pier is open for adult trick-or-treaters and groups of school children with welcoming decorations of carved towers of pumpkins and lined cardboard cutouts. There, children experience a day riding the Ferris wheel and enjoying park food and overhead music. From 6 am to 8 pm over 100,000 people regularly watch the recurring parade to see the intricate designs made by the Art Institute of Chicago and the Lookinglass Theather Company, the combination of dancers from each of Chicago’s wards brings together the city’s diversity for everyone to see.

The Chicago Botanical Garden is alight with hundreds of hand-carved pumpkins on certain nights this October. With thousands of professionally carved pumpkins to boot, children can come to marvel at the lit silhouettes of their favorite carved action heroes and cartoon characters and amazing designs. The Nights of 1,0000 Jack-o-Lanterns at Chicago Botanic Garden, true to its name holds exactly a thousand jack-o-lanterns for the public.

With the new Halloween coming ever closer and COVID-19 dwindling down more people are taking the initiative to come outside together in larger groups. This includes new bars popping up in Chicago, such as the Black Lagoon, a grisly goth-themed cocktail bar that’s making its way to the River West neighborhood on October 3, 2022 -October 31, 2022. And for a lot of people, the massive release of more new movies in theaters, bar parties, and public events signals that people no longer need to be afraid of self-quarantining and social distancing.

Written by Brielle R. Buford


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