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Biden Speaks on Multiple Issues on CBS ’60 Minutes’

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President Joe Biden was recently on “60 minutes,” a CBS segment talking about different matters involving the United States and other countries. In a recent meeting with the president of China, Xi Jinping, Biden stated that it would be a “Gigantic mistake” to violate the United States’ sanction against Russia.

During his interview with Scott Pelley, Biden revealed he was on a call with the Chinese president after Xi Jinping met with the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin during the Olympics. Adding that American businesses will not keep helping China’s economy by purchasing goods and cargo if they choose to violate Russian sanctions. He noted that this was not a threat to China but only a reminder of the repercussions that could take place.

There is no evidence that China has put forward anything that Russia could desire like weapons. This would be seen as a major threat to U.S. officials.

Another topic discussed was the global pandemic that affected the lives of many. After the deaths of millions of people, ongoing lockdown, and economic disruptions, President  Biden declared that the pandemic is finally over. Adding that the pandemic is still a problem but is mostly under control — not many people are wearing masks and people are relatively healthy.

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Although many have taken comfort in Joe Biden’s words The John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center says otherwise. According to studies there have been around 2 million cases of COVID in the U.S. in the last month. Hundreds still die every day.

Biden’s announcement took health officials by surprise because his remarks do not match the current data being displayed across the country. Later on, he made it clear that he is not taking any of the effects of COVID lightly. He stated that this pandemic took a toll on Americans. It not only interfered with people’s lives physically but emotionally as well. It has affected the way people live and interact with each other.

Parts of the interview were conducted in the White House before he flew to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. The president claimed he was shocked to see the photograph of secret and important documents on the floor of the residence at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property in Florida. Adding that was irresponsible on Trump’s part.

President Biden said that he made sure he stayed oblivious to the content of the documents. He was unaware that the FBI would be searching Mar-a-Lago to find classified documents. Biden clarified saying that he did not ask for the specifics of the documents because he did not want to interfere with what the Justice Department is doing. All that he hopes is that the Justice Department is doing its job and taking the right actions when doing so.

On a lighter note this interview on “60 minutes” was Biden’s first as the President. This was the segment’s 55th season which was launched on Sunday night.

Written by Esteban Ruiz


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