In Nevada, Negative and Fallacious Campaign Ads Are Working; Shame on Voters

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I am worried about my state of Nevada. On November 8th two critical elections will make or break our state, and possibly the future of our nation.

Steve Sisolak is our current governor. He had the foresight to take actions that would save our state from financial destruction during the pandemic, although he was forced to shut down Las Vegas and Reno completely for three months, everything slowly reopened with serious restrictions for customer safety, and today nearly every casino/hotel is fully operational. Our economy continues to grow. In other words, Mr. Sisolak is doing his job and doing it well.

Trump loyalist, and former Sheriff of Clark County, Joe Lombardo, is running against the Governor. Not only is he woefully unqualified, but he has also proven himself a racist, a bigot, and a misogynist for decades. He would destroy the advancements made by his two predecessors, Steve Sisolak, and before him Republican Brian Sandoval.

One-hundred percent of Lombardo’s ads are negative and contain lies about Governor Sisolak’s accomplishments. They appear to be having some success.

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Catherine Cortez Masto is one of two female senators from our state. Unlike her opponent, Adam Laxalt, she has endorsements from nearly every agency in the state, including law enforcement, firefighters, and teachers. She is part of a female coalition in the senate who are “getting things done.”

Laxalt was our state’s attorney general before failing in his bid to become our governor. He lost to Sisolak. While our attorney general, his term was filled with controversy. His bank account grew while refusing to prosecute several large corporations for crimes against our state, including the petroleum industry.

According to some polls, he is gaining on Ms. Masto. He, too, has filled our televisions with negative and fallacious ads. The worst concerns the Inflation Recovery Act. Laxalt is claiming that the bill will raise taxes on Nevada’s residents who are making less than $10,000 a year and the middle class. It takes just a few clicks on the computer to learn that the only major change in taxation will be for those making over $400,000 per year. His claim about adding 87,000 IRS agents is a fact, but not to investigate the working class, they will ensure that the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes, eliminating Trump’s gifts to the super-rich. All fake Republicans are opposed to taxing the wealthy fairly, paying for the privilege of becoming super-rich over the backs of the working class.

This story is not about two of the worst people in America, it’s about the “Trump Effect.” Lies and baseless conspiracy theories filled the four years of Trump’s illegitimate administration, and his supporters are following his lead. Traitors should be shunned, but apparently, the voters of Nevada are as uninformed as those living in red states, and this is sad.

In the last two general elections, Nevada turned “blue.” In 2016 and 2020 our electoral votes were received by Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. In 2016 we elected the first Hispanic woman to the senate, Catherine Cortez Masto. Not only has she kept her promises, but she has also exceeded expectations. If the people of our state are incapable of recognizing that fact, all hope is lost.

By James Turnage, Novelist


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