MJF Is Back in AEW

Courtesy of Semetrius Holmes

In the world of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) a devilish wrestler’s return occurred at Sunday’s pay-per-view All Out Chicago. MJF is back in AEW and the wrestling world is excited. Maxwell Jacob Friedman is one of AEW’s four pillars originally and it’s now his time to lead the company for the rest of the year.

On the June 1 edition of AEW, MJF dropped his own version of a CM Punk pipebomb promo. It was well received by fans as they understood and it connected with the fans on a personal level. He called out the company, veterans like Punk, and even the owner of AEW Tony Khan. The promo touched on everything that the Long Island star had to say about not just his wrestling career and AEW.

Courtesy of Semetrius Holmes

MJF disclosed how he should’ve been the face of AEW after the great work he has done. He gave Punk a great feud that we have seen; as of now, MJF scored the first win. He had the help of his former associate now TNT champion Mr.Mayhem Wardlow. CM Punk defeated MJF in a dog collar match at Revolution earlier this year.

The Devil Himself

MJF has not been on any form of AEW programming. His return at All Out signified the end of Punk’s second title reign. He wore a devil mask — right before he hit the ring as the Joker. Stokely Hathaway climbed the ladder after him and a bunch of masked men attacked the rest of the participants. The match ended once the casino chip was handed over, to the devil man in the mask.

After CM Punk defeated Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship a promo appeared. “I’m a snake. The craziest thing that the devil ever did was make you people believe he does not exist” — CM Punk. The devil removed his mask and then said ” I AM THE DEVIL HIMSELF.” MJF appeared and he and Punk have a stare-off. MJF made it clear he wants gold.

Written by Semetrius Holmes
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All Elite Wrestling: All OUT Chicago 2022

Images Courtesy of Semetrius Holmes


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