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Rodgers and Brady, Two Old Quarterbacks Attempting to Regain Their Youth: Embarrassing

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Sunday I watched Rodgers and Brady, two old quarterbacks attempting to regain their youth: embarrassing. Yesterday I planned to watch three professional football games. I didn’t see one.

The Kansas City Chiefs were in Indianapolis to face the Colts. Although heavily favored, penalties and mistakes only made by high school players gave the victory to the home team. The Sunday night game was played between the San Francisco 49ers and the Denver Broncos. “Ineptitude” was not a good enough word to describe what I saw from both teams. The final score of 11-10 in favor of Denver could not describe how boring the game was for nearly three and one-half hours. Then there was the game, “Only for Old Men.”

Before I get into details, I will give you a summation. Through three-quarters of the game, Tom Brady looked like an old, washed-up quarterback. In the first half, Aaron Rodgers played well, but in the second half of the game, he joined Brady. With just minutes in the game, the Packers’ defense played “prevent defense.” As usual, it allowed their opponents to move down the field and score a touchdown; the only one of the day for Tampa Bay. However, they failed to complete the two-point conversion and lost the game 14-12.

Courtesy of All-Pro Reels (Flickr CC0)

If this sounds boring, you would be correct.

I believe that every NFL fan looked forward to this game. Because they are in different conferences, Brady and Rodgers seldom played each other. It should have been a great test of the abilities of two old men, ages 45 and 38, who are past their prime, and their enormous egos. It failed to excite anyone who truly understands the NFL in the 21st century. It became a bad version of “Survivor.”

I am an old fart. I began watching the NFL in the 1950s when many players were still playing both offense and defense. It was an era when quarterbacks were required to be not only physically talented but coaches on the field. They were required to analyze, “read,” defenses, and make their own play calls. They were manhandled by opposing players, often bleeding from several areas much like their offensive linemen when the final whistle blew.

I cannot complain about the changes in the game, it doesn’t matter if I approve of them or not, the players and coaches are required to adjust. However, I do have huge problems with “marketing.” In this case, marketing includes announcers and sports writers.

I will use a situation related to this story to make my point.

All fans “hate” or “love” Tom Brady. I have other problems with him, but that was already aired in another story. To call him the “GOAT,” Greatest Of All Time, is ludicrous. This is based purely on his wins and losses, and other statistics which are also the accomplishments of his coaches, primarily Bill Belichick.

Brady has never called his own plays. Brady whines and complains after enduring physical contact. Based on 21st-century rules, he is the most successful player in the game, and that is it.

However, the effusive praise from sports “experts” is good for the game and good for the profits of billionaire owners.

As far as Sunday’s game, both Brady and Rodgers must face the facts. There is a new breed of quarterbacks in the NFL who are true leaders in more ways than just the strength of their arms, and they are exciting. It began with Patrick Mahomes, and Josh Allen, and now includes Justin Herbert, Joe Burrow, and Tua Tagovailoa.

Brady and Rodgers are the boring, successful past of the NFL, not the future.

By James Turnage, Novelist


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