Chicago Pollution Neighborhood Issue

Chicago Pollution
Chicago Pollution
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Chicago Pollution Issue

Chicago’s metro area is the most polluted area in our country since 2000’s have improved according to new analysis. The metro area stretches across 19 countries in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana. Chicago Pollution is ranked top 16 for high ozone which can cause lungs problems and can leave people health at risk, and it can increase and can be a problem for future generation. In 2019 our city was rated the dirtiest air than Los Angeles explaining that our city is known for are struggles with air pollution.

In June ,2020 In the summer it was recorded the “unhealthiest” ozone days since 8yrs in early 2012 which showed the raise in both emissions and temperature. This unhealthy air pollution affected sensitive groups such as children and elderly with pre-existing heart and lung problems. Chicago Pollution Will affect elder people working in factories and other jobs making their health at risk and younger kids at risks for having health issues when there older.

Chicago Pollution
Courtesy Of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Flickr CC0)

Pollution Heath Risk

If you were to live in cook county, it’s possible your health will be at risked due to air pollution. In order for the Windy City to improve air quality the county government should support walking, biking, and using transportation. Those activities  don’t use gas and oils that can affect the air. In that time of winter, the air gets a lot more polluted since the levees of the tree fall out and there is no way to clean the air that comes from the warm cars that produce a black smoke and produces gases. Chicago pollution current state of air pollution continues to increase it will come to a point where bikes and walking might be a better option for the city air quality and will try to increase unfiltered factories and Construction smoke Which can clog up our lungs and probably our blood stream.

Written By: Jermaine Quiroz

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Inset image courtesy of  NASA Goddard Space Flig‘s Flickr page -Some Rights Reserved

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