I Am Disappointed and Disgusted: Kevin McCarthy and His Fake Republicans Lie, Lie, and Lie Again

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On January 6, 2021, my wife and I were watching television and whatever we had been watching was interrupted by a “news” report. Trump began speaking to his people standing on a podium just outside of the White House. Down the street both houses of congress, and the Vice-President had assembled to confirm the votes of the Electoral College, the final step confirming the election of Joseph R. Biden as our nation’s 46th president.

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At the end of another hateful message, Trump instructed his Neo-Nazi army to march to the Capitol building and halt the proceedings which would remove him from the White House on January 20.

Not only did they march to the Capitol, but they also attempted a coup. They interrupted the process occurring inside the building, vandalizing both the exterior and interior while searching for leaders of our government with the intention of murdering them as instructed by their fascist leader.

My bride and I didn’t dream this, we watched it for nearly three hours in disgust, ashamed for our nation and the good people who love their country. Watching American citizens attempt to overthrow our government was one of the worst days in my life, and one of the darkest days in American history.

After the tragic events ended, I quickly realized this insurrection was far from spontaneous, it was planned. There were leaders directing their mindless subjects about where to go and what to do. They obviously had prior knowledge of the ‘layout’ of the Capitol. They knew where the offices of Nancy Pelosi and others were located.

Meanwhile, 536 elected officials were hiding from domestic terrorists in fear of violent physical assault and the possibility of losing their lives.

The Capitol police did their job, but they were outnumbered. At least two officers lost their lives attempting to protect their country.

However, traitor and one of the leaders of Trump’s MAGA Republicans, Kevin McCarthy, deny the truth and is attempting to convince others to accept his lies as facts.

According to CNN:

During a private meeting last summer, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told two police officers who defended the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, and the mother of a third who died after the riot, that former President Donald Trump had no idea his supporters were carrying out the attack, according to newly obtained audio of the conversation.

We know McCarthy is lying because there are records of him talking to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows during the violent insurrection, denouncing the attacks and begging Meadows to plead with Trump and halt the violence. He stated at one point: “I’m through with him.”

We can’t leave his Fuhrer out of the conversation. Multiple members of the White House staff testified that Trump watched the television broadcast of his minions and their attempted coup. He refused to appear before the television cameras and halt the attempted coup, hoping it would succeed. He claims he never watched one minute as his Neo-Nazi ‘army’ attempted to keep him in power. However, it turned out to be just another failure in the pitiful life of Donald John Trump.

By James Turnage, Novelist



Trump says he didn’t watch Jan. 6 unfold on TV—witnesses say otherwise

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