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Internet Takes a Turn With Un-Hackable System

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Internet and it’s Importance

Internet is important to everyone across the nation, and across the entire globe. Without internet, it is safe to say that many people would not be able to live happy. Internet gives us the ability to accomplish many things, such as googling something we do not know, being able to message those that we love from long distances and many more. It is also really important when it comes to working. It is used almost all the time when working, in order to complete data entry, filing and many more tasks, in a much easier fashion.

What is Quantum Internet? What Does It Do?

Quantum Internet is being based off of quantum particles themselves. According to Washington Post, “bizarre properties of quantum particles to process information in powerful new ways — technology that could confer major economic and national security benefits to the countries that dominate it.” Being able to use Quantum Particles in order to further Quantum research, is something that is so fundamental in the development of safer and more powerful internet. We will be able to communicate because of Quantum Internet. According to UChicago News, “will eventually connect distant quantum computers around the nation and the world.” If this does end up happening, there will be fewer hacks that happen, yet a communication will still occur.

Chicago Takes A Step Further In Safer Internet

There has always been an issue with Internet being unsafe for many. Many hackers can get in and steal any of your information, and even your identity, simply with putting your email in a site that is not protected. This is something that Chicagoan scientists want to avoid in the future. According to DailyMail, “Scientists in Chicago are trialing an ‘unhackable’ quantum internet in their university basement closet that they hope could one day form the basis of a new internet.” They are doing this in a basement, which will expand to much more in the near future. The safer internet becomes, the less we will have to worry about certain hackers stealing any kind of information from us.

Courtesy of ITU Pictures (Flickr CCo)

There are many companies that are trying to utilize this idea of Quantum Internet to perform their basic functions. According to Washington Post, “But banks, health-care companies and others are starting to run experiments on the quantum internet.” They are trying to get a shot at being able to implement this in their future endeavors.

How is this Initiative Being Funded?

This particular idea is incredibly important to many, that funds are starting to come in to support this particular movement. “Quantum research is so important to the future of the internet that it is drawing new federal funding, including from the recently adopted Chips and Science Act.” according to the Washington Post. The more money this initiative receives, the faster they can develop better technology to make this a sooner reality.

What does this mean for the Future of Internet?

We can expect the internet to be a much safer place, especially since there are measures to make sure there are less hackers that are able to steal information. Since Quantum Internet is already being applied in the real world, there is a certainty that there will be many more corporations that use this to their advantage. This will most likely be a growing economy of its own, and it may be used all around the nation. Hopefully, this can be extended to the majority, that way they dont worry about their information being stolen.

Written by David Loran Jr


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of HS You’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

Inset Image Courtesy of ITU Pictures’ Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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