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James Webb Makes a Discovery

James Webb
Courtesy of Astrophoto Andy (Flickr PDM)

New Picture Captured

The James Webb telescope has taken a portrait photo of a clump of stars resembling the iconic, Pillars of Creations. This group of stars are so famous and important because they are more than that. They are stars in dense clouds of dust and gas, it also takes the form of three-dimensional pillar. The Pillar of Creations is a space extraordinaire that every telescope has at least tried taking a look at it and capturing it. However, with the image NASA’s telescope just shared, it’s said that it has captured the clearest image yet. With new angles and a clearer image than ever before, Nasa will be able to give more information about the Eagle Nebula.

Astronomers have also expressed their excitement since they get a new side to this creation. Remembering it’s hard to get a good photo since the Eagle Nebula is an active star formation area. Which means it’s an active area of gasses. stars. and dust moving around constantly. It makes people wonder, what shape will it hold in the next years?

James Webb
Courtesy of Astrophoto Andy (Flickr PDM)

How Was the Telescope Able to Capture This?

The James Webb Telescope consists of  18 hexagon-shaped gold-coated beryllium pieces, that can move individually. Each piece is 4.3 feet, making it 77.4 feet big, not including its solar shield. Since the James Webb telescope gets so close to the sun, it needs a large shield that reflects most light but uses some for electricity as well. It also needs a reflector so that the high-quality cameras stay at a cold temperature and function to their full potential.

Not only does the telescope have an amazing structure and architecture, but it is also high-tech. In a telescope like that, you can see the hard work that it took to be built — 30 years and $10 billion worth. The James Webb telescope is of high quality and is in high expectations of astronomers for more amazing portraits of space, that the human eye can’t see to its maximum potential.

Written By Adriana Castelan


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Top and Featured Image Courtesy of  Astrophoto Andy Flickr Page- Publicc Domain License

Inset Image Courtesy of Astrophoto Andy Flickr Page- Creative Common License

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