Shocking Evidence Points to Neo-Nazis Within Ukraine [Video]


Courtesy of President of Ukraine (Flickr CC0)
Ukraine has been an issue of concern for nearly a year now. Talks of world war have been a concern for all of humanity. Every day we are bombarded with headlines and propaganda from both sides that claim they are righteous in their cause. However, it seems obvious to most of the western world that Putin is the aggressor. He has been clear with his intentions of returning Russia to its former glory and retaking the motherland. Many Russians feel a swelling sense of pride for their great sacrifices to end Nazi ideologies in World War 2. They heard stories of Russian ethnics living within Ukraine who were experiencing genocide, torture, and worse. Emboldened by these shocking experiences, Russians rallied to the cause of saving their kin. ‘Fact-Checkers’ have refuted these claims, but recent evidence begs the contrary.

Who’s Telling The Truth?

Western media will say that these accusations of Nazism in Ukraine are ‘Russian Propaganda’ intending to justify their aggression toward Ukrainian territory. Meanwhile, Russian media, as well as Putin himself, claim that the United States is the aggressor who is using Ukraine to engage Russia in a proxy war. Why hasn’t America definitively addressed the claims of Nazism in Ukraine? Articles like this one from the BBC rely on the strawman logical fallacy and tug on the heartstrings of all of us who sympathize with the holocaust. Painting the facts in a dishonest way to make the opposition easier to dismiss, as well as eliciting an emotional response with zero contradictory evidence. A complete fluff piece.

Where are the pressing questions about the well-known Far-Right Azov battalion of Ukraine? The radical militia group bares the symbol of the black sun which is associated with a Satanic subset of Neo-Nazi paganist beliefs. The Azov battalion first came about in 2014 when Russia took back Crimea. They fought violently in opposition to Pro-Russian separatists in the east and have committed numerous atrocities since then. Shortly after the group’s inception, the Azov battalion joined the Ukrainian National Guard as a Special Purposes Regiment.

Evidence Points to Neo-Nazi’s Within Ukraine

In March of this year, NATO accidentally shared an image of a female soldier proudly wearing a Black Sun patch on her tactical vest. They quickly retracted the image, but not before many could screenshot the incident. Numerous other sources have shared content supposing this branch of Ukrainian forces being Nazis. These voices were quickly squelched by search algorithms in favor of fluff pieces like what the BBC boldly shared. In favor of preserving human life and the dignity of Russian ethnics within Ukraine, shouldn’t these claims at least be investigated?

In a recent turn of events, Ukraine’s commander-in-chief, Valerii Zaluzhnyi, posed for a photo op last and inadvertently revealed his worship of Nazi symbolism. Valerii shares with the world his bold conviction to end the conflict with Russia so future generations are spared. In doing so, he reveals a bracelet full of symbols, including a swastika. While many may jump to quite literally play devil’s advocate, our allies should speak up for themselves. Authenticity would speak for itself if we were to ask a real question like; “If we are to ignore the Russian propaganda casting blame on Ukraine, then why are they wearing blatant Nazi symbols?”

Written by Triston Bowman


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Top and Featured Image Courtesy of President of Ukraine’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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