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Spotify Gets Rejected by Apple

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Spotify VS Apple

Spotify is attempting to enter the audiobook industry. However, reports say, Apple has turned down Spotify’s most recent app upgrade three times in the past month.

Apple and Spotify have had a protracted legal battle over Apple’s App Store policies over the years, and with numerous public spats over the app, subscription pricing as well as app rejections as a result of the app, their attempts to avoid the 30% cut that Apple retains from sales.

Apple argues that Spotify is attempting to circumvent its App Store policies. Audiobooks update violates regulations governing how apps can inform users about purchases outside of the App Store.

Spotify is having trouble implementing an App Store rule modification that Apple agreed to last year that permits developers to communicate information about payment alternatives that are accessible outside of an iOS app via communications like email. Instead of paying Apple a percentage of its audiobook sales, they intended to encourage people to buy books online to listen to them in the app.

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Online Transactions

Spotify has received permission from Apple to contact users about online transactions. The company is unable to provide a button inside the app to do so. Apple initially gave the upgrade approval in September. After working with Spotify’s legal team on its design, they later changed their mind and rejected any further improvements.

A consumer taps on an audiobook and is sent through a nine-step procedure by Spotify to purchase it. This includes a screen with a lock covering the play button once the customer selects the audiobook. Customers who clicked the play button are redirected to a page where they could send an email, the email gives instructions on how to purchase a book, and the email contained a link to listen to the book.

Apple “has no issues,” according to a representative for the company, with reading apps like Spotify adding audiobook content, but Spotify did not adhere to Apple’s rules about in-app communications that point users outside the app.

People at Apple completely support efforts to integrate new features into apps that deliver enduring value for consumers because the App Store, was created to be a fantastic business opportunity for developers. Apple has no objections to reader apps including audiobook content within their applications, sending users to external websites to join up for services, or informing them of alternate payment alternatives.


The audio streaming company, disapproved because it did not adhere to the rules on the inclusion of explicit in-app messaging that directs users away from the app to make in-app purchases. Apple says they gave them specific instructions on how to fix the problem, and when they made the necessary adjustments, apple approved their app.

Users of the app are now advised that the app does not offer the ability to purchase audiobooks. The app text for Spotify states, “We know it’s not perfect.

Spotify maintains an anti-Apple “Time to Play Fair” website. In 2019 filed a regulatory complaint with the European Union against Apple’s App Store policies. Although Spotify has kept up its meetings with European regulators, the dispute has not yet been resolved. Along with Epic Games and Tile, Spotify is a member of the “Coalition for App Fairness.” It’s an organization that opposes Apple’s “anti-competitive” practices. Spotify has also sided with Epic Games in the legal dispute between that company and Apple.

Written By Lance Santoyo


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Inset Image Courtesy of Nigel Wade Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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