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For Your Consideration: A Couple of Thoughts About the Midterms

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The midterm elections are not over. On December 6th there will be a runoff election in Georgia, and several races in Arizona and Nevada are waiting for the final count of votes placed in drop boxes, and mail-in ballots.

The Biggest Loser on Tuesday was Donald John Trump

What was very clear is that Trump remains the most hated man in the world. Candidates endorsed by the world’s biggest loser did not fare well. This proves two things: his influence is in decline as his supporters decline in number, and his perceived political power is nothing more today than a façade.

Two Elections Describe American Politics in the 21st Century

I would be remiss if I did not look at the two most publicized contests in 2022. In Pennsylvania, Dr. Oz, endorsed by the orange buffoon, was challenged by Democrat John Fetterman. Oz lost on Tuesday, and then broke Trump’s primary rule: he conceded a victory for Mr. Fetterman.

The other highly reported contest was laughable in so many ways. Democratic Incumbent, Reverend Raphael Warnock was challenged by the only candidate as unfit for office as was Donald Trump in 2016, former NFL running back, Herschel Walker. Walker is so unfit to serve in the United States Senate, Trump immediately endorsed him. On Wednesday, it was announced that the final vote was too close to call, and a runoff election will be held on December 6th.

Red States vs Blue and Purple States

What this reveals is the difference between the voters of Pennsylvania and the very red state of Georgia.

The good people of Pennsylvania recognized the irrefutable fact that Oz was unfit to represent the state in which he chose to campaign: (he is actually a resident of New Jersey): and unfit to hold a seat in the Senate. The results were reported late on Tuesday evening.

It was a little different in Georgia. Georgia’s white voters place the Republican Party’s needs ahead of the people of their state and our country. They are willing to allow a man who cannot complete an intelligible sentence or tell the truth. He is the most unfit candidate to run for public office since Donald Trump.

No Surprise, Trump is Blaming the Losses on Everyone but Himself

I find it extremely humorous that Trump is furious about the fact that his chosen candidate lost in Pennsylvania. He is blaming everyone else, including wife, Melania, other than himself for the loss.

Here is a short description of his tantrum by Vanity Fair.

Likewise, Maggie Haberman tweeted that Trump “is indeed furious this morning, particularly about Mehmet Oz,” who lost to John Fetterman in Pennsylvania, despite conservatives claiming Fetterman is brain-dead. According to Haberman, the 45th president “is blaming everyone who advised him to back Oz” and, hilariously, that blame apparently extends to Melania Trump, whose recommendation to back Oz Trump has reportedly described “as not her best decision.” (You know, up there with the one she made, as a young Eastern European model, to marry a gasbag real estate developer and move into the penthouse where he’d clearly told the decorator, “I want it to be like gold threw up in here.”) Oh, to be a fly on the ketchup-stained walls of Mar-a-Lago tonight!

2022 Began as a Rough Year, but Will End in Victory for Real Americans

Oh how I needed that laugh. 2022 has been a rough year for me and other writers who worked hard over the last ten months attempting to spread the truth and help voters realize the importance of a midterm election. Thanks to you, the “red wave” was nothing but a trickle, and democracy may prevail after all.

By James Turnage, Author of “A Brother’s Revenge”


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