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Missile That Struck Poland Was Likely an Accident

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What Happened

Around 1900 p.m. (7 p.m.) on Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2022, a small village on the border of Poland was struck by a missile. The village’s name is Przewodow has around 500 residents. It is a very vast and widespread village. The missile killed two Poland residents. Automatically people assumed that Russian forces were the main cause of this tragic event. The alliance NATO immediately scheduled an emergency meeting about what happened. If Russia was the perpetrator of what happened all NATO forces would have to act on the situation.

This would cause an all-out war between Russian forces, and Nato forces possibly being the next WWIII. Luckily for Russia NATO forces came to the conclusion that the missile was actually a Ukrainian missile. President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine was not buying it. Zelensky said, “I have no doubt that it was not our missile.” He stated this to news outlets the day after the missile struck. “If it was the use of our air defense, then I want that evidence,” he exclaimed.

Is Russia Losing

Russian forces are doing very badly as of right now. Mainly their tanks have seen a lot of destruction. Either their tanks are destroyed in the line of battle or Russian soldiers just straight up leave them. Ukrainians have regained territory in several regions of Ukraine including the capital Kyiv. Russian forces drop bombs, and missiles on the land of Ukraine without even knowing what they’re dropping them on. It is a very dangerous way of going about war. This is because they can drop a bomb on a neighboring cousin like Poland by mistake.

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More and more Russian troops are being defeated. There are videos on Twitter showing gunned down Russian soldiers in their vehicles bleeding out to death. You have Russian protesters in Moscow chanting for peace. While the police are arresting these innocent protesters. Russia just can not seem to win in any aspect of this war. Not even having their own people on their side. It is only a matter of time before Russia just surrenders.

What The Future Holds

If what the president of Ukraine says is true about the missile not being Ukrainian, Russia will be matched with the same treatment it has treated Ukraine. People on social media are against this terrible war. School buildings have been destroyed with little children in them. Russia has no remorse for its actions. They deserve whatever happens to them in the future which will most likely be them losing this pointless war.

When you have a person in charge who is insecure and can’t think about his own issues, you will have horrendous leadership. In addition, the person in charge can not know when to quit. They believe they must be the center of everything, and also have control over everything. This is a perfect description for the prime minister of Russia who is Vladimir Putin.

He is the reason why thousands of innocent Ukrainians have passed away. His puny little mind can not comprehend the fact he is the only one that cares about regaining Ukraine. He deserves to be stopped and should be watched by all the world power because it is clear as day there is something wrong with him. Keep praying for Ukrainians because they are in a dark time right now.

Written by Vincent Sauseda


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