Pritzker Wins the 2022 Governor Election

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The Election

J.B. Pritzker was reelected on Tuesday, November 9, for his second term as Illinois governor. He beat Republican Daren Bailey who was only beaten by 8% of votes in Illinois. The polls calculated a turnout of 54.6% of voters for Pritzker and 42.1% for Bailey. Now, this is a very good thing for the state of Illinois. Everyone knows that Pritzker was for women’s rights, and making our communities better in general. He signed laws stating that it is a women’s choice to decide what they want to do with their body.

At his winning party, Pritzker stated, ” Not an inch of that will be in Illinois.” This means no people forcing a decision on a woman’s body will be in the state of Illinois. Around 9:45 p.m. the night Pritzker won, Bailey called him and congratulated him on his victory. In Bailey’s speech about his loss, he said “Pritzker needs to be better.” Pritzker’s response to this was Bailey’s views are too extreme, and dangerous for Illinois.

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Pritzker’s Plan

Starting off his plan, Pritzker is trying to make Illinois a safer state to live in. Now Chicago has one of the worst crime rates of any other city. Gun violence is getting very out of hand. There is at least one shooting every night in Chicago.

Pritzker has come up with a plan to enforce harsher gun charges and more restrictions on firearms. His next course of action is cracking down on drug abuse. Like gun violence, drug use has run rapidly on these streets. Right now the harshest drug is methamphetamine. You can walk down a street in Chicago and buy crack, meth, or any other type of illegal drug.

Another issue Illinois deals with is COVID-19. Now since 2020, the cases have gone down dramatically, but it is still present in the state of Illinois. On the day of the most reported deaths from COVID-19, Pritzker created a plan to diminish the number of virus cases. The plan included stricter guidelines on mask-wearing, and also more sights for COVID-19 testing. In Chicago Public Schools there are test stations that go every week to each school. It has helped schools crack down on these common cases.

How Long Will Illinois be a Blue State

Illinois has been a blue state since 2019 when former state governor Bruce Rauner lost to Pritzker. During his time in office, Rauner’s goal was to look out for the outside areas of the cities instead of focusing on major cities. Now when Pritzker’s last term comes, Bailey may come and try to take Illinois to the right side. A big reason why Bailey failed to win governor is he choose to ignore Chicago and called it a hellhole when he was asked about the big city. Not a good choice of words for one of the biggest cities in the United States.

Instead of him calling Chicago something terrible he should have created answers on how we can fix it. For the residents of Chicago the clear-cut winner to them was Pritzker. He has always been about people’s rights and stands up for them. This man is truly for the people and the people are truly for him, and it shows in the demographics.

Written by Vincent Sauseda Jr.


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