MJF Is a Generational Talent

MJF is a generational talent
MJF is a generational talent
Courtesy of Semetrius Holmes

In All Elite Wrestling there are certain professional wrestlers who have earned their respective talents and understanding of their position on the roster. Most of them are professionals that have ten or more years of being a part of the independent scene. Some are what we call generational talents like Maxwell Jacob Friedman. MJF has been phenomenal as his work in AEW has reached new heights in the last two years.

He used to work the independent scene in some of his younger days. But now it’s about time to pay him his dues at only the age of 26. The man has already won his first world championship in the promotion that he carries the banner and is one of the pillars of AEW. Some don’t realize the confidence that MJF has, and he uses it to carry himself a certain way. Not everyone has a chance to win a world title at such a young age.

Creating a Legacy

The legacy of the AEW World Championship holds a list of elite talent that carries weight in the field of professional wrestling. Wrestlers from Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Hangman Page and Jon Moxley are just a few. These wrestlers have paved the way for the next generation to leave a greater legacy than them. A number have created and helped elevate the others in order for them to start focusing on their craft from the minute they are put over by a veteran.

MJF’s legacy will be just that when people think of who carried AEW when it was looking for young talent to grow and become the next big thing. It remains a mystery of how long his AEW Championship reign will stay intact nor who will be the eventual one to dethrone him. There are plenty of wrestlers who could dethrone him, one name in particular: Darby Allin.

The Devil v. The Best in the World

MJF is a Generational Talent
Courtesy of Semetrius Holmes

The most memorable feuds are those that resolve who is the best in the world. There is only one wrestler who is known for being the best in the world and he is a former two time AEW Champion. CM Punk’s rivalry with MJF was the best storyline for AEW when Punk first arrived to the promotion. Punk knew that MJF needed a win over him in order to elevate himself to the main event scene. Some didn’t realize that he would take the given opportunity so seriously. What should be noted is that regardless before the loss to MJF, Punk was undefeated in AEW.

“The greatest trick that the devil ever pulled off was convincing people that he didn’t exist.” MJF said this to Punk in the lead up to their match at  “Revolution”, and then again before he won the  World Championship against Jon Moxley at “Full Gear”. This quote propelled the self-proclaimed “Devil” himself and his inner demon that could show leadership. T one time MJF had a faction with some great company. FTR, Wardlow, and Shawn Spears were also a part of that faction, as well as Tully Blanchard.

AEW is Destination TV

Once Punk became AEW World Champion, things began to spiral out of control for the Devil. Punk is a generational talent that will be around for years to come while MJF’s career is beginning to wrap up. The work that MJF does on the microphone is second to none, and that’s not mentioning his in-ring skills. Those skills have a place of their own.  Once MJF won the promotions’ most prestigious title he announced that AEW is back to being destination television once again.

It will be interesting to hear from MJF about the situation with William Regal and his new championship. At AEW’s “Winter is Coming” it will be Absolute Ricky Starks against The Devil for the AEW World Championship. There was a tournament where Starks defeated the firm’s All Ego Ethan Page to face the champion. We are sure to hear from the champion on the next episode of AEW Dynamite.

Written by Semetrius Holmes.


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Photos Courtesy of Semetrius Holmes


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