Mavericks Get Some Help in the Backcourt

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What They Did

The Dallas Mavericks have made a quick savvy move. They traded for Kemba “crossover” Walker. This is a very weird move for Dallas. First of all, they already have a great point guard in Luka Doncic who is having one of the best most valuable player seasons of all time in the entire NBA.

He is playing his heart out on every play while also finessing his way in other stats. Walker is a very short point guard by NBA standards. This is something that should be very important for the Mavericks since they don’t have many tall guards besides Doncic.

Courtesy of Kevin Munchie (Flickr CCO)

Mavericks Season

At this point in time, Dallas has been tearing up the league with their grit and grind. They are very let the game come to their type of team. They are not like the high-flying Los Angeles Lakers who want to go for alley-oops.

It is a nice change in scenery watching Dallas play. The whole team plays like they are all in one. Always being unselfish with the basketball. Doncic’s playmaking is absolutely unmatched. If you are open some way somehow he will catch you open in the corner.

The Slump

This team has not won a game in a week. Although the teams they have been playing have been fairly challenging. Going against the Milwaukee Bucks is like going against a team that is playing hard as if it was the playoffs.

In addition to this, Giannis Antetokounmpo is also playing like an elite-level player. You cannot beat a team as good as them as of right now. Doncic is almost averaging a triple-double which in NBA terms means averaging over ten in three of the many stats. Hopefully, they get out of this losing slump and get back on track like how they were at the beginning of the season.

Written by Vincent Sauseda Jr.


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of David Herrera Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

Inset Image Courtesy of Kevin Munchie Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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