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Brooklyn Nets Player Kyrie Irving Is Back on the Court

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Why He Was Off the Court

On October 27, 2022, Brooklyn Nets player Kyrie Irving posted something controversial. He posted a link to a documentary that is widely considered anti-Semitic. Irving faced a lot of criticism and backlash. It is very strange, considering the commissioner for National Basketball Association is Jewish himself.

The criticism was so much that Irving received a five-game ban from the team he plays for. In addition to this ban, Irving was also given a list of requirements he had to do before coming to the courts. For example, some of the requirements were to issue an apology publicly and even take a sensitivity training class created by the Nets. Since then Irving has completed most of the requirements and even donated $50,000 to the Anti-Defamation League.

Irving played during Sunday’s game where Brooklyn took on the Memphis Grizzlies. The Nets took the win, and Irving was happy he was finally back on the court playing with his teammates. During the game, you can clearly see Irving thriving with his teammates. Irving is known as a controversial player. With what happened last year with the COVID-19 protocols he refused to play. Leaving his superstar teammates out there by himself.

How Are Things Going Now

Durant seems to be unfazed at this point by Irving’s controversy. People have to understand Durant’s frustration with the team sometimes. Knowing you are wasting your prime years with a team that just can not get anything right. First, they trade all their assets for superstars. Then they have a subpar season.

James Harden struggles to play with Durant. Irving refuses to play because of COVID-19 protocols. The Nets start freaking out with all the terrible chemistry going on with the team. The general manager panics and trades for Ben Simmons, losing James Harden. Brooklyn somehow obtained the one single player who is more controversial than Irving.

Courtesy of Erik Drost (Flickr CCO)

The Brooklyn Trade

Simmons is the type of person who if someone gives him constructive criticism will ignore them and may even insult them back. Last year with the Philadelphia 76ers he refused to play or even score.

When he is on the floor he is an amazing player on defense but his shooting is disgustingly bad. Simmons was so bad he caused the game-winning loss in the playoffs against the Atlanta Hawks. His teammate Joel Embiid was done with his antics.

Now Harden going to the 76ers is not a bad trade at all. Harden is a very good shooter, something Simmons was not. He is also a very good playmaker always getting his teammates in positions to score the ball.

Game Flaw

The only flaw in his game is his defense. Harden is known for his poor defense. Here and there he will let his defender score an easy two or three-pointer on him.

Harden likes to not put energy into defense and instead put all his energy into offense. It’s a better situation than when scared Simmons was there.

Brooklyn has the potential to be something this NBA season, if everything goes right for them they have a championship in their sights. All they need is no drama.

That is the main killer hindering them from their potential. Good luck to Brooklyn on their NBA season because they are going to need it.

Written by Vincent Sauseda


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