Stocks Are on the Rise

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What is going on

Tesla is up six percent, and the SandP500 is going up as well. The whole stock market was on the rise. The reason for this was Black Friday. Every year when Black Friday comes the stock market rises more and more. A day ago Tesla was at $167 per share and now it is at $180. Also, Christmas is coming up so a lot more people are already getting gifts for the holidays.

Especially since now PlayStation 5’s are actually in stock a lot more people are going out and purchasing these devices. Lately, stocks have been going down. Currently, the United States is in a recession because of the money Biden is sending over to Ukraine.

It is money America will never get back. The stimulus checks hurt the economy as well because it was just free money, and who would not want free money?

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Will The Stock Exchange Change

Right now the recession was kicking every stock behind, but because the holidays are so good in the exchange it will only go up little by little until the holiday season is over. Everyone should get in on this because right now is the best time for everything.

Sell when it gets too high though because it can crash at any time. For reasons like one person sells at the top than the next and next person.

Buyers Will Come Up

If the prices keep on falling, eventually the buyers will take control of the market. When this happens the price of the stock will then rise up in the best way possible.

This will be the perfect time to go out into the stock market and actually make some money. The reason for the drop in the stock market is that tech companies are collapsing.

You have to really put in the discipline in order for this buy-in to really work.

Written by Vincent Sauseda


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Inset Image Courtesy of Marek Bareza Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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