Netflix Skyrockets Its Price

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Netflix is about to release its new plan for the business, this plan includes bringing the use of ads. In the past, Netflix had recently raised their prices in January by $2. Due to this Netflix actually lost customers because of no new shows after the price increase. The business also stopped the support of users sharing profiles earlier this year. In order to gain back old customers Netflix has decided to start a new monthly plan, in this plan they continue to keep the raised prices and add a cheaper option. Contrary to the basic plan which went from $7.99 to $9.99 this new plan will start at $6.99 a month.

Some effects of this new plan include not having as many show options due to some productions not being allowed to play with ads. In addition to this, the ads shown will be four to five minutes long. Lastly, if you are to buy or change to this plan you will lose the ability to download and save shows for offline watching. All of this occurs after Netflix says they are “advertising free” in 2019. Taking into consideration they have said they lost more subscribers than ever in the past decade this change is not surprising. This plan is set to launch on Nov. 3, 2022.

My opinion

I don’t know about the other users of this streaming site but I feel this change is unnecessary. When comparing Netflix to other sites like Hulu, Peacock, and Tubi there is real competition and definitely better options. Hulu’s price was already $6.99 (they currently changed it to $7.99) and has more options when it comes to certain popular genres like Anime. Also when using these streaming sites personally there is more diversity with even the low-budget movies having good plots and storylines. Peacock’s shows are also more diverse, coming out with shows like “Bel-Air.” This show put a unique twist on a classic and was able to make it their own and get attention from it. Tubi provides good movies that seem low-budget but the platform gives exposure. Tubi provides a platform for people to get noticed and start their careers.

I personally don’t see these qualities in Netflix. I have seen multiple instances of complaints about viewers not being able to find anything they’re interested in. Complaints about no interesting shows being unreasonable considering how much they are paying. Complaints saying they should be able to share accounts since it’s hard to find anything interesting themselves and are paying so much. Since subscriptions have been decreasing I think it’s better to find a different streaming site. There are streaming sites that have had to find new ways to bring in viewers and have been successful.

What now?

Shows have had to find new and interesting content due to Netflix continuously being the top streaming site. In order for them to even be able to compete people had to feel they streamed something they haven’t seen before. As 2022 has continued streaming services such as Hulu and Peacock have gained popularity. Also, I have noticed these sites tend to stream the whole season of a show whereas Netflix will have some episodes missing. Overall, I feel these other streaming sites are a better option now. Considering Netflix has been dominant in streaming I feel it’s time for something new.

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