Rail Strike May Be Possible as Union Rejects Deal

Rail Strike
Rail Strike
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Members of one of the biggest train unions in the country narrowly rejected a tentative contract, likewise, a rail strike may occur.

Rail Conductors

About 28,000 rail conductors are represented by the Smart Transportation Division union. Which reported that just under 51% of its members rejected the proposal. By a vote of 53.5% to 46.5%, the 24,000-member Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, supported the deal.

Rail Strike
Courtesy of Matt Acevedo(Flickr CC0)

The solution reached in September. Labor leaders and train businesses with the assistance of the Biden administration rejected by the conductors’ “no” vote.

Water Supply

The nation’s water supply, coal shipments, and passenger rail service might all be at risk from a nationwide rail strike that could start as early as December 5.

A strike by train workers could cost the American economy $2 billion per day. As a major rail hub, Chicago would undoubtedly see the repercussions. Commuter rail service may also be impacted.

According to Crain, delays on four out of the 11 Metra lines that connect Chicago with the northern and western suburbs would affect 80,000 journeys or nearly 60% of passengers.

The agreement made in September with Marty Walsh, the secretary of labor, would have increased salaries by over 25% over five years, beginning retroactively in 2020, when the previous contract expired.

However, the toughest problem that initially drew the unions and the rail operators to the negotiating table—grinding, erratic schedules, protracted periods of on-call work, and restrictions on when and how to take time off for vacations or medical care—is not addressed by the wage increase.

Written By Dylan Santoyo


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Inset Image Courtesy of Matt Acevedo’s Flickr page – Creative Commons License

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