The USPS Is a Hot Mess and Needs a Major Reformation

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DeJoy is a Disaster

I’m not privy to what is happening inside the USPS, but I do know that it has become worse over each of the last seven decades. Trump’s appointee, Louis DeJoy, is obviously intentionally incompetent, appearing to do everything possible to dismantle your mail service once and for all.

Let me tell you a few things which happened in Sun Valley, Nevada, over the last month.

  • First, our mail began to arrive as late as 8:15 in the evening.
  • Second, on two successive Sundays, we received a mail delivery.
  • Third, Yesterday, 11/29/22 there were two mail deliveries: one at about five in the evening, and another just before 8 p.m.

It is not uncommon for mail we send to relatives in California to arrive four or five days after we took it to the post office. Last year, the birthday card I sent my brother in Colorado was not received for about 30 days.

Constant Changes in Service from the USPS are not Positive

There have been warnings from post office personnel about Christmas cards and presents.

In the past, first-class mail and packages were considered “on time” if they arrived within two or three days. The new standard is now 4-5 days.

There are demands from public groups that President Biden dismantle the current Board of Regulators and fire Postmaster Louis DeJoy. DeJoy’s appointment was immediately controversial. He owns a company that operates a private mail delivery service and wants to replace the United States Postal Service.

Decreased Use of our Mail System was Expected

Like most Americans, my use of the USPS is limited, unlike 20 years ago. I pay my bills online. I order presents on Amazon which now delivers most of its own sales. Occasionally I receive my personal purchases from Amazon through our local postal carrier.

DeJoy’s Appointment was Intended to Aid Trump’s Reelection

During the 2020 election, DeJoy dismantled dozens of sorting machines and removed mailboxes from low-income areas. It was an obvious attempt to aid Trump in his reelection bid. During the days after early voting began, DeJoy was under attack by congress.

WASHINGTON — Democrats used a Monday hearing on Capitol Hill to savage U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, whom they accused of intentionally sabotaging the nation’s postal system in order to help President Trump’s reelection prospects.

“Either through gross incompetence you have ended the 240-year history of delivering the mail reliably on time, or the second conclusion we can gather is, you’re doing this on purpose,” said Rep. Stephen Lynch, D-Mass.

Another Member of Trump’s Mafia

DeJoy is under investigation by the FBI for alleged campaign finance law violations when he was in control of his former business.

I, and others, have called the Trump administration the “Washington Mafia.” This becomes more evident every day. Nearly everyone associated with Trump has been investigated by government agencies, both state and federal. His may be the most extensive crime syndication in our nation’s history.

Even several of Trump’s lawyers are facing criminal charges. Michael Cohen was only the first, the beginning. One thing must never be forgotten, as a confirmed malignant narcissist, Trump is fully aware of every crime committed on his behalf. He trusts no one and is the “ultimate control freak.”

Trump Must be Punished for his Many Crimes

If Trump is not convicted of his many crimes, there is no justice in America. Seeing Trump behind steel bars is a must, and something I hope to see in my lifetime.

By James Turnage, Author of “Sheena, Queen of the Streets”


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