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The News School
The News School
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Being Part of Something

Being an intern at the News School has been very different. It is an opportunity that I took with great pride. Being a part of something that is bigger than myself.  There are many reasons why the News School is such a great job for me but I will only be focusing on three main ones. The three reasons are the work environment, job support systems, and the work we produce.

Work Environment

One of the main important factors when having an overall good job experience is a good job environment. I have found myself, many times, looking around and seeing a lot of people smiling and laughing. Sometimes I will not like some topics that can pop off and conversations may get a little heated. However, other than that though 95% of conversations are civil. Being a job where we talk about the news certain controversial topics do come about.

The News School
Courtesy of The News School

While even if we cannot agree on certain ideas we still respect one another. This is not a place for judgment but for an opportunity.  We are given all sorts of platforms to work with. There is no bias at all and everyone is treated with respect at all times. Cursing and not doing work are taken very seriously, as they should.

If I am working my very hardest and I see someone not doing work the whole day, I would not hesitate to make an anonymous complaint. Everyone is heard in The News School, even the people who just started work there. I remember when I first joined the supervisors would ask me questions about what I thought about this project or the topic everyone is talking about.

Job Support Systems

The News School understands our schedules. Most of the employees are under the age of eighteen and are in high school.

High schools in Chicago mainly get let out at 3:30 p.m. The afternoon shift actually starts at 3:00 but The News School understands our circumstances. Also, The News School gives free CTA passes to students who take the bus. This is a very helpful support system.

Lastly and most defiantly the best support system in the job is listening to what our supervisors have to tell us. Our supervisors are always looking out for us, they try to give the best advice when they are able to.

Review of The Work We Produce

At The News School, the work we produce is very interesting and different from other jobs. We are actually given the tools to make unique articles. We have websites that help us find topics we are interested in. With these websites, we are able to find the top stories on a certain topic. This added to The Guardian Liberty Voice which is a news story website that allows us access to article rules and regulations. For example, it tells us what needs to be added like words or images. I did not know how important keywords were until I started working at The News School. In fact, I did not know a lot of aspects of writing.

I used to believe writing six-hundred-word articles were very challenging. Although every day I would come to work I noticed writing the articles became easier and easier. I now know what tools to use and the regulations of a good article. Even though the articles are the bread and butter of the work we also produce media content.

This content can range from political elections to events going on in our community. This gives a variety of work to someone who can choose from when working at the News School which in my opinion is a very helpful aspect for young teens.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the News School is an amazing first job and if you have the opportunity to write for them or be on the media team you should take it. I am very happy with the decision I made to join this team.

Written by Vincent Sauseda Jr.

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