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Imagine you are a high school student. Independent, hard-working, and always involved in your studies. However, you don’t have an internship. And you have wanted one for a long time because you think it is time. The following year you will graduate, and you need to start saving money. Your friend recommends you a place, and you apply.

You get accepted and the next thing you know, you are working for The News School. Many kids in Chicago and the U.S. wants to get an internship while they are in high school. Fortunately for me, I was able to find one. It’s no ordinary internship though, it’s work I’ve enjoyed going to. The News School has been an amazing internship because of the work experience, the environment, and the civic engagement.

The Writing Experience:

I was scared. This was going to be the first internship I have done. I am a high school student, whose writing levels are not high. However, I was ready to take on the challenge. I came to work and got my first assignment. It’s called “Sarah Jessica Parker Has a Lot Going On.” That was my first article that got published.

I was nervous writing that article; didn’t know what I was doing at first. I had to find images, and write an article with few resources. Most of it came from me doing research and learning how to make a story. That story got sent back to me before it was published though. I had grammar errors, and it was not readable. However, nowadays that is not an issue anymore. As I wrote more and more articles, my writing became clearer. It became easier to read, along with being entertaining.

The Environment:

When I first came into this internship there were a lot of teens. That made me nervous, I was not sure if everyone here was approachable or nice. With time, however, I started talking to some of my peers. We would have talking circles from time to time. We would chat although we were seated on opposite sides of the room. In less than a week, I became close with the co-workers that sit behind me.

Courtesy of The News School

They have made me look forward to coming to work. They have helped me with some of my articles, I have helped them, and so on. I like The News School my mentors are kind but yet strict. They have helped me publish good pieces of writing. Overall the work environment has felt welcoming and safe.

Civic Engagement:

For the news, civic engagement is really important. The News School’s goal is to increase literacy, reading, and writing. Their way of making us engage with the community is by choosing our stories. In this internship, our supervisor allows us to choose what to write.

This has helped me get involved with the North Lawndale community and get to know its stories. As well as write about them. Another way they have helped me engage with the community is by putting together a Candidate Forum. I attended and listened to what running candidates are going to do for the Lawndale community.

I wrote an article about it. And although I don’t live in North Lawndale, it helped me understand what another community needed. What people need. After that day, I started to get involved in my community much more. Doing events like these really expose you to a lot of different experiences.

I’ve been working for The News School for two months already. And so far it has been a great experience. My friend had recommended me this place and I’m glad he did  I knew being a journalist was not going to be easy. However as time passed, my skills improved. My social skills improved as well. This internship has been great, and I can’t wait to publish more articles.

Written by Adriana Castelan

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