Almighty Blessing the Voice of Little Village

Almighty Blessing
Almighty Blessing
Courtesy of Almighty Blessing

“Almighty Blessing” is a rapper, producer-songwriter, and influencer from Chicago. He’s been making music for several years, however, it wasn’t until recently he went viral on social media. Since then, he has been pushing for a Positive Movement in the news outlets.

“I was born and raised in Chicago. The community has been good to me. I wanted to give back because of my troubled upbringing,” he said.

Almighty Blessing
Courtesy of Almighty Blessing

Creating Music, Giving Back to the Community

Almighty Blessing is known for being the very first Oldies-style rapper in the entire Midwest. He’s also the first Mexican rapper to create “Spanglish Drill Rap.” Blessing has been creating music for over a decade, working with artists such as Twista and Mr. Capone-E, and Moneybagg Yo. In addition to his work in the music industry, he also volunteers for the Little Village Community Council (LVCC) and is a leading gang intervention mediator/mentor.

Blessing has been in many events based in the Little Village community. These events have helped reshape a lot of the community. Now local residents see him as a leader of the community. He led the Adam Toledo campaign and the 48-hour Peace/No Violence challenge in Chicago. The results of these challenges were historic, thanks to Blessing and the LVCC.

He has been in the news multiple times and has created Positive Movement in the community. Almighty Blessing plans to continue helping the community in any way he could help them for the safety of the community. 

So why “Almighty Blessing?” What does that name mean to you?

That nickname was given to me by my friends because growing up I was in many life-and-death situations where I should be dead. So it’s a blessing that I’m still alive, and based on that information I use it to lead the youth positively.

A powerful nickname that has stuck with him throughout the years. He even uses the name on TikTok and other social media platforms.

Almighty Blessing
Courtesy of Almighty Blessing

How did he become a member of the Little Village Community Council that come to be?

“I have been available as an influencer. I made so much of an impact on the Little Village community that they noticed and invited me to be a member of the Little Village Community Council,” he stated.

As a member of the Council, he is able to help voice the people’s needs and concerns.

“We are working on many issues facing our community, but some of them are safety and security, violence prevention, gang intervention, affordable housing, immigration reform, and transportation options like bikes/buses/streetcars,” Blessing added.

He is able to lend his voice not only through speech but through his music as well. Blessing enjoys participating in all of his community’s events. Especially ones where he can honor his heritage.

“Music is an integral part of our culture because it helps us celebrate festivals like Día De Los Muertos or Mexican Independence Day, which is on September 16!”

Some of Almighty Blessing’s Works

Blessing’s most recognizable works include “Oldies,” “Stand Up” and “Stand Up II,” “Ghetto Cumbia,” “RedRum,” “Cease Fire,” “Sicario,” and “No Puedo Compartir.” These are just some of Almighty Blessing’s songs that he is known for. In addition to those hits, he has created numerous songs over the last decade.

This is only a taste of what Blessing stands for.  If anyone would like to know a little more about Almighty Blessing or his music, you can look him up on most social media and music streaming platforms. Hopefully, this article has given you some insight into what inspires him as an artist and how he got started with music and leading in his community.

Written by Daniel Batalla.


Interview: “Almighty Blessing”; Nov. 20, 2022,

Photos provided by Almighty Blessing

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