Refugees Deserve Empathy and Respect

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The problem that is the world refugee crisis is getting worse. Many nations are deporting refugees that are coming from dangerous situations. Some cite financial issues, others say that they already have enough problems, however this blatant, callous disregard for the value of human life is disgusting. The world refugee crisis is a global issue that is impacted by a variety of factors. Because of these various factors, refugees are born in many different kinds of ways. Some are trying to escape human trafficking, others are trying to escape violence or gangs. All of them deserve compassion and empathy for their troubles.

Many refugees are being deported from nations even though they have made fulfilling lives in places that they’ve resettled into. The cruelty of politicians in many nations causes mass suffering for refugees. The idea and policy to welcome and accept refugees into the nation is a great way to begin fighting the world refugee crisis. However, many nations have politicians who spread xenophobic and racist rhetoric. This can hurt a nation’s overall effort to aid in the fight against the world refugee crisis. The rampant spread of xenophobia hurts a nation’s overall ability to empathize with people outside of their own nation.

They Simply Need Help

It should be reiterated that refugees try and make the most out of their situation. Whether they are externally or internally displaced, they are simply trying to survive. They just need help getting back on their feet. These people often set up businesses and try to make sure their families are safe. They are contributing members to society. Kicking out refugees for any reason is a major loss for society. They contribute to their new homes with culture and knowledge from their homelands.

What’s so terrible about these situations is the fact that people have to come up with reasons why this shouldn’t be happening beyond the fact that these are living breathing human beings that need help. No greater argument needs to be made after that. The conversation and global debate should have stopped right there. Yet, this problem is still exacerbating the world refugee crisis, because political officials decided human lives aren’t priceless.

Xenophobia Isn’t Helping Anyone

Integration can only work as a durable solution to the world refugee crisis if that nation is accepting of refugees. To expand upon what was stated earlier, having a safe and healthy environment is key to the positive treatment and reintegration of refugees. If a nation is extremely politically polarized or is experiencing a rising fascist movement, then there are going to be problems with the reintegration of refugees. However, outside of the whole world refugee crisis, some nations may not even be taking well enough care of their own people.

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Some nations in the world are drowning in their own problems. America, for example, has really bad infrastructure issues. It has problems with race, gender, class, and sexuality. America is a giant cesspool of oppression, and yet it has a GDP of over 21 trillion. So, if a person manages to make it in America, then they will live a life of luxury for the rest of their lives. It is a haven for the privileged and the wealthy. The laws bow to them as if they were mere suggestions. So many refugees see the opulence and wealth that America has and see the opportunity for survival. One might think with a GDP that high, a nation as big and powerful as the United States would have no citizens in poverty.

Once Again America Shows Itself

This is the greatest contradiction in the modern world. That major nations like the United States of America can’t even take care of their own citizens. If America can’t take care of its own citizens then it’s probably going to treat refugees equally bad or worse. What’s wrong about this whole situation is that some refugees end up going from one bad environment to another bad environment. No human being deserves this treatment and yet so many people end up just traveling to a place that might end up treating them worse, because of what they look like or where they are from.

Ultimately, the world refugee crisis is an ongoing problem in the world. There are many solutions with varying levels of effectiveness. Integration stands out as one of the best methods of helping refugees in their plight. However, for it to work other things must work as well. The nation mustn’t be racist or xenophobic. The nation must already be taking proper care of its own citizens and many other things. Durable solutions are hard because they have to stand the test of time.

This Issue Won’t Disappear If It Isn’t Fixed

The issue of the world refugee crisis is deadly serious. If people don’t end up finding a place to stay they could die. Women and children are some of the most vulnerable people in our society and yet many of them are refugees. They too could die from a lack of proper shelter or a home. Constantly trying to survive is no way of life. Integration could give these people the second chance at life that they desperately need. At the end of the day, these are human beings escaping incredibly dangerous and precarious situations and are just looking for a better life. These people deserve a second chance. They deserve the life that was robbed of them.

Written by Kenneth Mazerat.


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