Like Another Famous Mafia Don, Trump Will Go to a Federal Prison When Convicted of Tax Fraud

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A Career Criminal Will Pay for His Crimes

Two counts of treason, and two acquittals after he was impeached, although he was obviously guilty, and Trump remains a free man. However, it appears that he will finally be indicted, tried, and imprisoned for tax evasion and fraud. His life of crime is about to end, and like another infamous mafia Don, he will die in federal prison.

Joshua Steinglass, one of the Manhattan prosecutors investigating Trump and his accounting firm claims that your former “criminal-in-chief was “intentionally sanctioning tax fraud.” Trump’s life of crime is coming to an end.

Trump Was Given a Free Pass for Far Too Long

What is amazing to me and others who researched the Trump Klan is that no one has prosecuted him until now. It is well known among the financial community that Trump has escalated the value of his properties when he sought loans from Deutsche Bank and other large institutions and deflated the value during tax season. This scam went on for the majority of his company’s involvement in real estate.

It is also alleged that he bribed public officials to receive permits and other necessary documents to accomplish his goals. Renovations were frequently necessary, and “time is money,” and he would do anything to save money. It has been suggested that he also bribed public officials when he was facing lawsuits. He donated $25,000 to Pam Bondi’s campaign in Florida. She halted her investigation into Trump University.

The Truth Will Result in Justice

Steinglass said tax fraud helped Trump’s company keep salaries down, shift tax deductions to Trump entities such as his Mar-a-Lago club, reduce payroll taxes, and make executives happy and loyal, in part by lowering their personal tax bills.

He highlighted Weisselberg’s testimony that the company saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by covering his expenses instead of giving him a raise.

Steinglass said Trump approved luxury apartments for Weisselberg and his son, and for chief operating officer Matthew Calamari and his son. He said Trump also authorized car leases for both executives and their wives.

“This is all part of the Trump executive compensation package,” Steinglass said. “Free cars for you, free cars for your wife, free apartments for you, free apartments for your kids.”

Even I am Shocked at the Extent of Trump’s Criminal Life

I am not often amazed. But the more I learn about Trump’s life, I cannot believe that he literally “got away with all of this for decades.” How many public officials were complicit in his illegal enterprise? This proves once again that America has two justice systems: one for the average American and another for the rich and powerful.

The Trump story reveals the truth which our government and the mainstream media don’t want you to know. Our government protects its own and is the most corrupt in the free world. We cannot trust any of our elected officials to “do the right thing.” In Washington, the “golden rule” was fed into a shredder at least 40 years ago.

Our Government is a Complete Failure

Change is a word frequently overused. However, change is mandatory today. Term limits for all three branches are a must. Limiting the length of our campaign process will save money and eliminate lies and conspiracy theories. Most importantly, vetting candidates is the responsibility of every voter in America.

Save America. Vote intelligently and vote for yourself and those you love. The dream of our Founding Fathers must be saved.

By James Turnage, Author of “Tales from Between the Sheets”


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