TNS Has Been One of the Best Experiences for Me

Courtesy of The News School

My Personal Experience at TNS

My name is Esteban Ruiz and I joined The News School (TNS) after being recommended by a friend. This was my first year here. I came here knowing almost nothing and was still welcomed by all the staff. Not long after three more of my friends also joined the program. I joined in the middle of the program so there was a lot I had to catch up on.

Throughout my journey at TNS, I have grown so much in my ability to write. Coming here I thought my writing was really good but now I know there is still so much more that I can do to improve. They allowed me to grow in areas that were not even about writing. We had so lots of events where we brought the community together. We spoke with many residents and set a good example of what people should do within their communities.

Throughout this essay, I hope to accomplish telling my personal experience as well as explain the civic engagement and hospitality of the staff.

My first day consisted of my friend Dylan helping me on getting settled. I began learning how to publish professional articles, which was a good experience. It felt nice to see my name on the TNS website. At the moment that I am writing this, I probably have around 30 published articles. I write this with the support of all my peers.

Making friends here is also very easy. Everyone that I have encountered has been very friendly and inviting.

Civic Engagement

The number of civic engagement opportunities at TNS is plentiful. TNS is not only a place to learn valuable things but it also focuses on communal activities. As a program, we were able to reach out to the people. One of my favorite activities was interviewing voters for the midterm elections. At first, I was a little nervous but I eventually was able to conduct multiple interviews. I learned a lot about what the community had to say about politics which gave me insight into the overarching claim most people wanted.

TNS also held a political forum where the community was able to engage in political discussions with midterm candidates. We were in charge of ushering, cameras, setting up, and welcoming everyone. This was very similar to the interviews but required less from the students.

Courtesy of The News School

Other events that were held here were public discussions on the topic of racism. People from the community came to our small chapel to have a civil discussion. There was lots of food and it was a cool experience. There was also an art gallery show. Many people were performing including one of our own, Almighty Blessing. If you end up signing up for this program you will get to meet him.

The Staff

I have had a good relationship with all the staff here at TNS. All the staff has been extremely helpful with the work and made me feel welcome.

The one person that has given a lot of help and support is DiMarkco. He has taught us so much about writing and more. My articles have improved substantially and that is because of his high knowledge of this subject.

For anyone who is thinking of joining this program I highly recommend it. Make sure that you keep a good relationship with everyone here because you might need them one day. the things that you learn are going to follow you all the way through your life. This may be a journalism program but it’s much more than that. It’s a place where you can grow.

By Esteban Ruiz

Images Courtesy of The News School

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