TNS, My Time At “The News School”

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My Time At TNS

My name is Gabriel Salgado, a worker at The News School (TNS). I have been working here since late August and have greatly enjoyed my time here so far. TNS is a program that mentors the youth in many different topics like journalism, social media, etc. This program pays the youth and keeps them off the street. For me, this program has been great for many different reasons. First, I have found that TNS is very accepting, they are very inclusive of all races, genders, etc. Second, TNS is full of learning opportunities, I have learned more than just journalism here at TNS. Third, I enjoy being able to engage with the community and help in any way I can.

I was first introduced to this wonderful opportunity by a friend, Dylan Santoyo. Dylan is also a worker here and has been here since early July. He has always talked great things about TNS. I was worried and nervous about taking this opportunity but after days of being insecure, I decided to take the opportunity.

TNS Is Accepting

When I walked through the door at TNS I was greeted by everybody in attendance. I walked over to my seat and sat with my friends. They helped me log in and get settled into my seat. I was then sent a zoom link to meet a person by the name of Sheena Robertson. Robertson introduced me to the world of journalism. She gave me a rundown on how to become a successful journalist and how to use the News School’s website. On my second day there I was able to write and publish my first complete article.

TNS’ environment is one of the best environments that I have ever walked into. Surrounding us are great mentors like DiMarkco, Omari, Ebonee, Gricelda, and Almighty Blessing. They all act as great support if I ever need help writing an article. Not even just that, if I ever need help outside of work I can count on them. My fellow co-workers are also very accepting and kind.

Courtesy of The News School

Full Of Learning Activities

TNS is full of learning activities. I walked in expecting to only be a journalist but now I work with professional cameras. DiMarkco offered us an opportunity to learn something new and my friend Daniel and I took it. He introduced me to the world of cameras. Every Sunday, Daniel and I go to St. Agatha Church where we Livestream the Mass.

Daniel and I set up and plug in all necessary cameras before Mass even starts. During Mass, we move the cameras and adjust the view of the live stream. After Mass, we take all the cameras down and clean up.

These Sundays have given me the opportunity to go to special events. At these special events, I set up the cameras and control them. This has improved my problem-solving skills because not everything goes as planned all the time. These camera skills have allowed me to engage more with the community.

Engaging With The Community

Here at TNS, we have hosted events that help the youth engage with the community. One of the events we hosted was a political forum for the 2022 midterm elections. In this forum, the community was able to engage with Illinois midterm candidates. The candidates answered hot questions that the community of North Lawndale and Little Village wanted to know. That day I worked with the cameras recording the entirety of the event.

I was proud even though at the end of the event I was tired. It was worth it because I was able to help the community, and hopefully, they took a little more thought into casting their ballots.

If you are considering working at TNS I strongly suggest it because as I said earlier it’s very accepting, full of learning opportunities, and engaging with the community.

Written by Gabriel Salgado

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