Trump Continues to Be a Loser

Courtesy of Gage Skidmore (Flickr CC0)

I offer all of you a legitimate Trump digital trading card: Trump wearing an orange jumpsuit behind metal bars.

Your Reclusive Former President

Reports from Mar-a-Lago, also known as “The” place to hide government secrets, claim that Trump is virtually alone, hiding in his residence inside his millionaires only play pen. The malignant narcissist is not having much fun these days. Usually, when his ego needs soothing, he holds one of his infamous hate rallies. However, it appears that his depression has reached its bottom, and his love of attention and greasy, fried foods have been squashed.

Weeks of Anguish and Worry

It began with a growing number of civil criminal indictments and moved into an even darker place when his endorsed candidates in the midterms were defeated, disappointing other leaders in today’s Republican Party in name only who expected to retake control of the House and Senate. The ultimate attacks on his dreams for glory and power came when Democrats in the House filed a lawsuit demanding that he be disqualified for running for office again based on section three of the 14th Amendment, and just yesterday when the Select Committee investigating the January 6 insurrection forwarded their decision that he should be prosecuted to the Department of Justice.

Trump Is Not Being Trump

You know he’s depressed when he refuses to boast about the accomplishments of others as his own. Trump’s greatest need in life is to feel relevant. He is not as his supporters continue to abandon him.

Trump Has Several “Firsts”

He has accomplished several “firsts” over the last seven years. Trump is the first president ever to be impeached twice. He is the first to refuse to cooperate in a peaceful and orderly change of power. He is the first president to ever attempt an overthrow of his own government. Most recently, he has become the first president to have congress suggest he be indicted for his crimes.

Trump is so desperate for “good news” for him, bad for the country, that he continues to play golf, driven by his own chauffeur in a golf cart, and a laptop and printer are constantly with him if anything which pleases him might happen.

Trump Is a Beaten Old Man

Your ex-president has become a pitiful, obese, old man who does not deserve your pity. His end-of-life story is sure to be a tragedy.

There is no doubt in my mind that the worst choice he ever made in his life was to run for the presidency. Trump had the life he always dreamed of prior to June of 2015. He played the role of a wealthy man and a New York socialite. He had friends who were like him, including Jeffrey Epstein and Gisele Maxwell. Trump surrendered all that and pretended to be your president for four very long years.

Hoping For the End of “Trump”

One of the items on my “bucket list” is a hope that I never read or hear the name Donald John Trump. I am beginning to have hope that this will come true, if the DOJ does the right thing.

No other fascist whose intention was to divide our nation and destroy democracy must be allowed to claim the title of President of the United States.

By The Wise Old Fart, (James Turnage)


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Top and featured image courtesy of Gage Skidmore‘s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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