54-Year-Old Lisa Marie Presley Dies After Hospitalization

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The daughter of legendary singer Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie, passed away shortly after being hospitalized earlier in the day. The 54-year-old’s mother, Priscilla, announced the news in a statement Thursday evening.

It is with a heavy heart that I must share the devastating news that my beautiful daughter Lisa Marie has left us. She was the most passionate, strong, and loving woman I have ever known.

Her Birth

Presley was born on Feb. 1, 1968, in Memphis Tennessee. She was born exactly nine months after her parents were married. Until she was four she grew up in her father’s Graceland estate. It was at that time her parents separated and she moved in with her mother in Los Angeles, California. She continued to spend time with both her parents by splitting her time between Memphis and Los Angeles.

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Her father passed away from apparent heart failure when she was 9 years old. His death was associated with prescription drug abuse.

Presley dropped out of school when she was a teenager and began abusing illegal drugs, according to Biography.

Presley’s Marriage and Achievements

She married her first husband, Danny Keogh, on Oct. 3, 1988. Before divorcing on May 6, 1994, they had two children. Twenty days later she married the “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson. They divorced less than two years later.

On August 10, 2002, Presley married Nicolas Cage. They were married for almost two years before divorcing on May 16, 2004. She married her fourth husband, Michael Lockwood, on Jan. 22, 2006. They had two children before divorcing on May 26, 2021.

In addition to being a singer and composer, she also was an actress. She Has been in the films “Lisa Marie Presley: Idiot,” “Michael Jackson: You Are Not Alone,” and “Lisa Marie Presley: Dirty Laundry.”

Prior to Her Death

Los Angeles County paramedics were dispatched to her Calabasas home at 10:37 a.m. PT. They were responding to a report of a woman experiencing a heart attack. EMTs performed CPR before determining “the patient had signs of life.” They immediately transported her to a hospital in West Hills.

The night before she attended the Golden Globes to celebrate Austin Butler’s award for portraying her father in “Elvis.” She was very impressed and awestruck by Austin’s “spot on and just so authentic” performance.

On January 8 she spent time at Graceland to celebrate her father’s birth anniversary.

She is survived by her children, mother, and half-brother Navarone Garibaldi Garcia. In addition to her family, her friends and fans mourn her death. May she rest in peace.

By Sheena Robertson


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