A Sunny Day in Little Village Turns to Darkness for 48 Hours

Little Village
Little Village
Courtesy of Jay Galvin (Flickr CC0)

Something terrible happened in the Little Village community. In 2020, a coal factory imploded and caused carcinogenic dust to spread all over Little Village. Three years later there had been no justice concerning the event. City officials have taken no responsibility for the lives impacted and the grief caused by the incident.

“In January, the city’s inspector general’s office disclosed that despite a recommendation to fire a city public health official and reprimand two others for the debacle, no one lost their job,” according to the Chicago Sun-Times. While Little Village attempts to heal its community, the city neglects those who deserve reparation for the harm that the dust bowl caused. 

Little Village
Courtesy of Mark Danielson (Flickr CC0)

Hilco’s Sins Against Little Village

Additionally, a small sum was paid by Hilco (the developer responsible for this) $19,500. However, 19,500 does nothing to help the community of Little Village.

This situation is simply a microcosm of the way the city of Chicago treats its poorer neighborhoods. The neighborhood of Little Village along with its sister neighborhood North Lawndale has been systematically oppressed and economically exploited for a very long time.

Yet, the city of Chicago turns a blind eye to the suffering of its citizens. Imagine not being able to go outside for 48 hours because toxic dust is all around one’s neighborhood. Many people would say that this is a terrible way to live. Thankfully, it was only for 48 hours.

A Revealing Document

However, a major document revealing the inner details of the event is being withheld by the Lightfoot administration. The details within that document are owed to the people of Little Village. Moreover, They deserve to know the cause of their pain and the cause of the traumatic event that happened in 2020. This document could reveal the reason why the coal factory imploded. All in all, the Little Village community pushes forward despite the economic and political neglect from the city of Chicago.

Written by Kenneth Mazerat


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Jay Galvin Flickr Page – Creative Commons License 

First Inset Image Courtesy of Mark Danielson Flickr Page – Creative Commons License 

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