The McCarthy Debacle Continues to ‘Tickle My Fancy’

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Okay, “tickle my fancy” is an expression anyone younger than 50 years old will not understand. What it refers to is something that gives me great joy. Regardless, I am having so much fun. Republicans are making fools of themselves and proving that they are incompetent and childish while confirming the fact that our country’s future is not a priority. McCarthy is being exposed for his hypocrisy and penchant for pandering. He epitomizes the description of a “professional politician.”

McCarthy: Proof that the Republican Party no Longer Exists

Nine votes, three days, and 222 incompetent and frazzled men and women who cannot accomplish anything.

McCarthy should never be in office, nevertheless the Speaker of the House who is third in line for the presidency. His lifelong dream has become the butt of jokes for every comedy writer in America. Even if he eventually becomes the Speaker of the House, he will forever be a “laughing stock” for the men and women who make us laugh at the ridiculous.

There are no Republicans in Washington Today

The irrefutable truth is that no man or woman who calls themselves a Republican should hold such an esteemed position. Not one of the 222 people on the right side of the aisle should hold the right to be third in line for the presidency.

It should be of no importance that the right wing won a slim majority in the House. The only issue should be the welfare of 331 Americans. But today’s fake Republicans care nothing about our people or our country. Their minuscule intellect and personal ambitions supersede the needs and wishes of the majority of the American people.

Their concern is personal and a rejection of the reason they were elected. The situation in the House is but a microcosm of what is happening inside the once Grand Old Party. They are a disgrace to their predecessors. Just take a moment to think about how real Republicans in the 1960s might have reacted to individuals like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz, George Santos, or Kevin McCarthy. They would never have tolerated these buffoons. They would not have allowed them to claim the title of “Republican.”

Today’s Republicans are a Caricature of the Once GOP

There is no doubt that Nancy Pelosi is laughing her a** off tonight. Republicans are making fools of themselves once again. Not once in 100 years has the House failed to confirm a man or woman as the Speaker of the House. This is another example of Trump’s legacy and the traitors whose loyalty is not to our country but to the leader of the American Fascist Party.

Democrats are enjoying a rare moment when the right wing is in self-destruct mode. They are exposing themselves as incompetents and failures. Not a single member of the former Republican Party is willing to do the right thing and denounce their party for its lack of ability to lead our nation.

McCarthy: History is Laughing at Today’s Fake Republicans

As a man who has followed politics for more than 66 years, I can tell you that what is happening today is not only unprecedented, it is immature, self-absorbed, and opposed to the principles of the American way of life.

Only one party in Washington retains the values of what it means to be an American. The Republican Party/Party of Lincoln/Grand Old Party no longer exists.

All that Matters is the Future of the United States of America

I love my country, and I am not afraid for myself, my years are numbered. However, I believe that my grandchildren should find hope in the fact that the dreams of men who left their country more than 246 years ago will continue into the 21st century. Thousands of men have given their lives in various ways to protect the intent of the Constitution and the value of human life. It cannot end with Trump and his party’s belief in fascism.

By The Wise Old Fart, (James Turnage)

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