According to Media Standards, This Was Not a Mass Shootings, but in Reality, It Was

Mass shooting
Mass shooting
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Mass Shooting: A Story Which Should be Unusual, but is Not

On Wednesday law enforcement officers were called by neighbors of a family in Enoch, Utah, asking them to conduct a wellness check on the Haight family. No one had contact with them for several days. When they arrived, they made a gruesome discovery. Michael Haight, his wife, mother-in-law, and five children were all dead. They had all been shot to death.

After an investigation, the officers were convinced that the murderer had been the father, Michael, and was not searching for any other possible perpetrator.

The investigation is ongoing. Therefore, there is no other evidence available at this time. Family, friends, and neighbors are being interviewed as law enforcement attempts to solve this tragic mystery.

Just Another Mass Murder in America: No Big Deal

The media will not write or report about this event as another mass shooting, although it is. The actual definition of a “mass shooting” is four or more individuals being injured or killed by the use of a gun during a single incident. I think this applies.

More importantly, this tragedy is another example of the “gun crazy” world in which we live. According to statements by hundreds and possibly thousands of Americans “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

It is Unsafe to Leave Your Home in America

The real question should be, “why are the number of mass shootings nearly double the number of days on the calendar?”

If it doesn’t make question why the United States is the only nation in the entire world with a serious gun problem, you have lost your birthright to think clearly and independently.

Profit Before People: Life as Usual in America

The truth is that gun manufacturers, gun sellers, the NRA, and those who call themselves Republicans are only concerned with the money they receive from the purchase of these weapons of mass destruction.

Guns Used by Deranged and Angry People Kill People

One irrefutable fact: if Americans did not have virtually unrestricted access to handguns and military assault rifles, the number of deaths by gun in our country would be reduced from 40,000+ each year to a number far, far less than this unforgivable statistic. It is easier to buy a gun in America than a six-pack of beer in many states in our nation.

A Tragedy Ignored by Right-Wing Politicians

I continue to feel shocked about one particular event which haunts me nearly every single day. I was called by my publisher on December 14, 2012. He told me to turn on my television. Every network was reporting an attack on an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. He hung up and I began my coverage of the event for the next few hours.

A lone gunman had entered Sandy Hook Elementary School. He was armed with a military assault rifle and other smaller weapons. I will not repeat his name, but I will never forget it.

When law enforcement finally entered the school, they discovered 20 children, ages five and six, six educators, and the gunman deceased from the use of a weapon of mass destruction.

This was hard to believe although I had been glued to my television for hours. Law enforcement later discovered that the murderer had killed his own mother prior to the assault on innocent children whose lives were just beginning.

Meaningless “Thoughts and Prayers”

The primary reason I will never forget this incident involves our nation’s useless government. Nothing changed. The only thing offered by right-wing politicians was their “thoughts and prayers.”

Gun sales increased the next day across America.

The United States is a mentally deranged nation. Millions of our nation’s people are willing to accept domestic terrorism as a normal way of life, but if the same acts were committed by foreign terrorists, they would be outraged. We are also the dumbest nation in the world.

Go figure.

By The Wise Old Fart, (James Turnage)

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St. George: Investigators say man shot, killed his wife, 5 kids, mother-in-law at Enoch home
CNN: Family of 8 found shot dead in Utah home determined to be a murder-suicide

Top and Feature Image by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Christian Senyk Courtesy of U.S. Pacific Fleet‘s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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