Let’s Stop the BS Now: Documents in Biden’s Possession Were Not Stolen, Trump’s Were

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Biden: No Comparison

It was a mistake, but not a serious one. President Biden failed to return classified documents to the national archives when he was working in the Obama Administration. They were in secure areas, and not an egregious violation of national security.

However, Trump stole boxes of documents on January 21, 2021. He hid them from the FBI and Homeland Security to be distributed for his personal benefit in the future. Trump lied to everyone and then lied again. He is guilty of espionage and should be in a federal prison.

The two situations are not similar in any way. However, the media, desperate for sensationalism, is attempting to make Biden’s mistakes far more serious than they will become in the near future after the truth is revealed.

A Wise and Honest Attorney General Looks for the Truth in Biden’s Case

Attorney General Merrick Garland made a wise decision by appointing a special counsel to investigate the Presidents’ negligence. This will prove that he had no intention of hiding classified information from the American people. It will also prevent Trump puppets like Jim Jordan from misdirecting the focus on Trump’s treasonous actions from remaining the most important goal of these investigations.

Frightening Changes Around the World

What has happened not only in our country but around the world? The last seven years requires me to question several issues. I have been considering it for the latter years of my life. First, can humanity be saved? And second. Is it worth saving?

It appears that evil is succeeding and love, compassion, and the future of those who support the ambitions of the worst of mankind are gaining control of the future. I wish I could offer you reasons why I doubt these undeniable facts, but I cannot.

The determination of those who seek the power that will help them succeed in their goals of mayhem, destruction, and the end of humanity in its most benevolent form appears to be in control. If this is true, all hope is lost.

I Find a Little Hope, but Only a Little

However, somehow I continue to believe in the power of truth. Once exposed beyond all doubt, the truth rises into the light, and evil is banished into the darkness from which it came.

Traitor to the American people, Jim Jordan, naturally used this non-story to redirect the facts. His Fuhrer and Demagogue, Donald Trump, has committed treason twice and additional acts of sedition. Here is the headline from Fox.

“Jim Jordan launches first investigation as Judiciary chair into Biden classified docs scandal.”

There is no scandal, but right-wing extremists will attempt to create one.

I am Sick and Tired of Reading About Failed Politicians

I am tired of writing about the morons and traitors who call themselves “Republicans” today, but are in truth “The American Fascist Party.” Not a single man or woman sitting on the right side of the aisle is fit to hold office in Washington.

They ignore their only purpose, to serve the needs and wishes of the American people, and serve the super-rich, the Christian Religious Right, and the NRA gun lobby. Not one of these cowards will ever receive the vote of this Independent, for one reason: 100 percent of them supported Trump for four years, and several continue to support him and his “big lie.”

Op-ed by James Turnage

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Top and Featured Image Courtesy of Gage Skidmore‘s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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