Corporate America Continues to Increase Its Economic Rape of American Consumers

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This Situation in America Is Clearly “Greedflation”

Prices on everything have increased unnecessarily in America. During the height of the pandemic, the corporate world experienced huge profits, never seen before during a national crisis. Next, they created “Greedflation,” raising prices because they could on everything from gasoline to basic food items. Now that Greedflation has been slightly reduced, corporations have decided on a new way to increase their profits and continue their economic rape of the American people.

Theft is a Crime, Regardless of Who is Breaking the Law

I did some grocery shopping yesterday. One item I purchased was a package of Sara Lee bagels. When my wife and I were putting away the items in our pantry, she noticed that the bagels were no longer in a package of six, there were only five.

Several years ago a “half gallon” of ice cream became just 12 ounces. The same is now true for bacon. It no longer comes in a one-pound package, there are only 12 ounces. My favorite bar soap is no longer in a convex shape, they have changed it to concave, offering less soap in each bar. The amount of breakfast cereal per box has been reduced. Nearly every pre-packaged product contains less of the item but the price remains the same.

America is not a Country: Our People are of Little Importance

I repeat: “America is not a country, it’s a business.” Greed rules over everything in America. Our nation’s motto is no longer “E Pluribus Unum,” it is now “Profit Before People.” And it now appears the business motto for corporate America is “less for more.”

Working Americans Must Make A Statement Denouncing Corporations

Several times over the last ten years, I have suggested that American workers participate in a national strike for one day in protest to the high level of income inequality created by corporations without necessity. Greed may be the worst vice of all. From it comes every other evil.

If our nation was completely shut down for a single 24-hour period, every CEO would be screaming. By halting production in some businesses, it would require several days to return to “full speed.” These overpaid executives would be unable to fly on their private jets. Golf courses would be empty. Their favorite restaurants would be closed.

The Working Class has Learned to Compensate

This would not harm a single working person. We prepare for problems: it’s a necessity when every paycheck is critical for survival.

I just received my first Social Security check for 2023. The amount was increased by 8.7 percent. However, I did the math, and monthly expenses for my wife and me have increased by more than 12 percent. Our budget for food has been increased by about 35 percent, therefore, we have eliminated some items from our weekly list.

When I was working, I always told myself that “I could work a day of overtime to compensate.” However, when you live on a fixed income, you do whatever you must to survive.

I’m not complaining, I’ve never been wealthy and cannot imagine what that would be like. I am simply doing what few have the courage to do, offer the truth to you without any embellishment.

America is on a Path to Destruction

Our beloved country has lost its way, and this is because our government has surrendered our nation to the super-rich. America is a plutocracy. No decisions are made on Capitol Hill without the consent of approximately seven percent of our nation’s population.

This is why your vote is critical. Once we rid Washington of the white, old men who have held too much power and accumulated too much wealth over the last 233 years and replace them with other women and men who are younger and willing to actually work for the American people, the average person will relearn what it means to be a citizen in a country which places people in priority number one over the profits of the super-rich.

Between 2017 and 2021 America was moving in a backward direction. Regressive thought and an irrefutable effort to end democracy and establish a fascist regime in Washington were halted on November 8, 2020. Change is mandatory in a young nation, and extreme changes are necessary to save our government.

It must begin in November of 2024. Please vote.

Op-ed by James Turnage

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