Pepsi Sidelines Sierra Mist and Launches Starry

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Pepsi has decided to sideline Sierra Mist once again. In its place, they’ve launched a new lemon-lime soda called Starry. In 2016, Pepsi replaced Sierra Mist with a drink called Mist Twist. Roughly two years later Pepsi discontinued Mist Twist and brought back Sierra Mist.

For almost two decades Sierra Mist has been Pepsi’s competition version to Coca-Cola’s Sprite. The company’s new soda is Pepsi’s attempt to revamp its stake in the lemon-lime soda genre.

The new soda “has higher citrus” flavor that is more “true to fruit and more aromatic which delivers a more balanced, cleaner, crisp finish than Sierra Mist,” stated a representative for PepsiCo.

The company released the new lemon-lime soda at the beginning of January.

Launch of Starry

The company is “hyper-focused on consumer-centric innovation,” said Greg Lyons, chief marketing officer of PepsiCo Beverages North America. He continued saying the soda company knows “there’s a strong demand for lemon-lime flavored soda.”

Lyons stated that PepsiCo believes lemon-lime soda lovers “deserve another option.” One that Lyons said, “hits” differently.

Starry is bright, optimistic, and rooted in culture and fun.

Lemon-lime soda lovers have compared Starry with Sprite. Many people are adoring Starry’s look. Several people have said that they have “Enjoyed the crisp, bold taste of Starry.” One person on Twitter stated they don’t really like lemon-lime soda but they were willing to try it “because the label’s so cute!”

Where It Can Be Found

It can be bought at any retail store where Sierra Mist was sold. The new caffeine-free lemon-lime beverage is available in both regular and diet. It also comes in various sizes including cans and bottles.

Pepsi’s vice president of research and development, Danielle Barbaro, said the new recipe was a game-changer. Barbaro stated the soda had a “perfect balance of lemon-lime flavor and sweetness.”

A few Sierra Mist fans have said that the new lemon-lime soda is their new favorite. Many are wondering if they are going to keep the new soda or if they’re going to ditch it like Sierra Mist.

By Sheena Robertson


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