Some People Are as Unattractive Inside as They Are Outside: I Give You Sarah Huckabee Sanders

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Just Another Trump Paid Liar

Trump’s paid liar, who called herself a “White House press secretary,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders, is the new Governor of Arkansas. Okay, I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. But after all, it is Arkansas.

Proving she continues to worship her Fuhrer, Donald Trump, on her first day in office she confirmed what we all assumed, she is a Neo-Nazi who believes in fascism and will attempt to end democracy for as long as she is in office.

Sanders Immediately Confirmed Her Support for Neo-Nazis

Proving she is as unattractive inside as outside, Sanders began signing executive orders immediately after being sworn in, also like her Fuhrer.

In a display of extreme racism, two of the orders signed banned the teaching of truth about racism in America, “CRT,” and the use of the word “Latinx.”

I sincerely believe that all red states should be forced to secede from the Union. Their governments and white citizens are not Americans, reject most of the Constitution, other than the Second Amendment, and are too ignorant to be allowed to vote.

Critical Race Theory (CRT)

For those of you who don’t understand “Critical Race Theory,” here is the short version of its definition.

A set of ideas holding that racial bias is inherent in many parts of western society, especially in its legal and social institutions, on the basis of their having been primarily designed for and implemented by white people.

Prove this untrue. Looking at America, before the Declaration of Independence, history tells us when and where the first slaves came to America.

In late August 1619, 20-30 enslaved Africans landed at Point Comfort, today’s Fort Monroe in Hampton, Va., aboard the English privateer ship White Lion. In Virginia, these Africans were traded in exchange for supplies. Several days later, a second ship (Treasurer) arrived in Virginia with additional enslaved Africans.

Slaves were brought to our shores for a single purpose, to serve white men and women. The wealth of men in the colonies was often measured by the number of slaves they owned.

Racism Remains our Country’s Biggest Problem

The truth no one wants to discuss is that racism remains the most serious problem facing America in the 21st century. I continue to question why any man or woman of color would live in a red state. The hatred for Black Americans, and Latinos is real and no one attempts to hide this fact. All men and women who call themselves “Republicans” are racist and bigoted.

Sanders is not Only a Racist, She is a Bigot

Banning the term “Latinx” is another act of pure racism by one of the worst members of Trump’s administration. Here is the accepted definition of the term adopted by the Hispanic community.

A person of Latin American origin or descent (used as a gender-neutral or nonbinary alternative to Latino or Latina).

Sanders’ ban on the term is more about her severe and probably terminal homophobia, and baseless hatred for the LGBTQ community and transgender Americans than Hispanics.

Diversity is What Makes America Great

The truth is, it’s time for all Americans to face the truth. America is the most diverse major country in the world and in a very short time, there will no longer be a single “pure white” in America. This includes non-heterosexual men and women.

Ugliness Begins on the Inside

By the way, my reference to Sanders’ lack of physical attraction is not personal. I mention it because Trump found her repulsive in private, but he used her to protect him from justified attacks from the legitimate press. Her only talent was to lie and keep a straight face. (No pun intended).

I must once again remind you that not a single Republican has the ability or desire to lead our nation. No red state governor has any interest in serving his or her state’s people: they serve the worst man in the world — Donald John Trump.

All “Republicans” are Bad for America

Let me make it perfectly clear about my assessment of Washington today. Republican voters are just plain stupid. They have chosen many criminals, morally corrupt individuals, and outright traitors to positions in our legislature. The fact that Ted Cruz, Chuck Grassley, Ron Johnson, Josh Hawley, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar, Loren Boebert, Ryan Zinke, Kevin McCarthy, and even Moscow Mitch McConnell are members of the legislative branch of our government proves that every Republican voter is a white supremacist who opposes democracy and favors fascist rule.

They shame real Americans such as myself who believe in the dream and will support that dream until the day I die. Diversity is our strength and Republicans are our weakness who, if allowed to expand their goal to divide our nation, will destroy our country once and for all.

Two Americas

I have known for much of my life that there were two Americas. Until the last several years, I believed it was only about Blacks and whites. However, I now know it is much deeper. America is a nation of fascists and patriotic Americans. What is most surprising is that the percentages are much closer than anyone once believed.

Op-ed by James Turnage

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