The Honeycomb Project Is a Sweet Organization

The Honeycomb Project
The Honeycomb Project
Courtesy of The Honeycomb Project

The Honeycomb Project is one of Chicago’s finest non for profit organizations. It is an organization that focuses on volunteering as a way of life. They introduce families to the process of volunteering. The organization is connected to many other non for profits as well. Through this, The Honeycomb Project is a sort of middleman to introduce families into the world of volunteering.

This helps people learn about issues that impact people like homelessness and poverty. It teaches children to help others and gets them into the habit of helping others. All in all The Honeycomb Project is simple in theory but excellent in practice.

The Honeycomb Project
Courtesy of The Honeycomb Project

The Honeycomb Project’s Founder

One of the founders’ names is Kristina Lowenstein. She co-founded The Honeycomb Project with Gabrielle Martinez and Catherine Tennen. During an interview with Lowenstein, revealed many things about herself and the organization.

Primarily she and her team are extremely proud of the children and families that volunteer for their organization. They feel immense warmth and gratitude that they get to help people serve others.

Lowenstein is a Chicago native. She’s a south sider who went to New York for school and came back to the nonprofit sector. Lowenstein loves the city of Chicago and its people. She deeply cares about the issues impacting this city which is why she had such a passionate energy when she spoke about her organization.

The co-founder truly believes that the work she and the families at The Honeycomb Project do is important and helps people. Her favorite part about the organization is “Watching young people step into their powers.”

Lowenstein is also a mother, she has a few children and she is inspired by her kids to set a great example for them. She takes her kids out camping as well. The co-founder lives her life to the fullest and focuses on what brings her the most joy. This includes all of the great work at the HoneyComb Project. She sees the needs of the community and seeks to go bigger and better during times of crisis.

We’re always looking to deepen our reach in the community.


The Honeycomb Project
Courtesy of The Honeycomb Project

During the COVID pandemic, many nonprofits were put under immense pressure to perform at optimum levels for extended periods. Many didn’t have enough resources for the amount of demand they received.

The world was suffering and many of those organizations were simply trying their best. The organization tries its best as well. Lowenstein saw many young people within the organization step up into leadership roles during the pandemic. This is interesting because a lot of the time youth are led by adults and they simply never get a chance to lead anything.

The Honeycomb Project is a great starting point for anyone interested in volunteerism. If people want to help their local community in an organized fashion, the Honeycomb project is a great option. They have access to many different kinds of organizations so there is variety in the choices of where to volunteer.

Additionally, youth have opportunities to better themselves. They need to embed themselves within an organization that looks out for them and is invested in their interests.


Moreover, the organization could always use more support, more hands on deck, and maybe even a donation. It is growing every day and it welcomes any who desire to help the world.

The world is still going through a lot right now. In the city of Chicago alone, there are violent crimes, political corruption, food deserts, and homelessness.

There are organizations all over the city that need more resources and manpower. If any person reading this wants to help with any of those issues they could contact The Honeycomb Project. They should start volunteering for an organization that is passionate about the issue the person takes interest in.

Written by Kenneth Mazerat


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Images Courtesy of The Honeycomb Project

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