In Right Wing Politics, the Battle Is Now Between Trump and Fox News

Fox News
Fox News
Courtesy of Rubaitul Azad (Unsplash CC0)

The first fake news network, Fox News, has been brainwashing weak-minded Americans since 1995. In its capacity as the right wing’s propaganda machine, it was of extreme importance in Trump’s controversial victory in the Electoral College in 2016. Without support from Fox, no Republican candidate can win the presidency in 2024. Their viewership is larger than the number of actual right wing voters. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me.

The Bromance Ends

This fact is why Trump is no longer a viable candidate for a second term. The billionaire owner of the worst fake news network in history has denounced Trump’s big lie and exposed his fake journalists as hypocritical liars who privately believe that he is an idiot and a complete failure.

This weekend, the annual old, white men’s bitchfest, CPAC, is underway. Nothing confirms the schism within the right wing more clearly than those who chose not to attend.

The usual are present: all bowing to their Fuhrer, Donald Trump. However, those who are attempting to distance themselves from the world’s biggest failure remain home. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, former Vice President Mike Pence, South Carolina’s Sen. Tim Scott, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu and former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan are not speaking or attending.

Also not in attendance are Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, and Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell. It appears that Republicans are making a choice. Is it more important to have the support of Rupert Murdoch and Fox News, or the old, obese, white man who attempted to overthrow the government of the United States?

For Murdoch, Losing Billions of Dollars Trumps his Network’s Support for Trump

Fox is being sued by “Dominion,” which makes many of the voting machines used in general elections. Fox’s fake journalists continued to support Trump’s “big lie” that there was massive voter fraud, although it has been confirmed that all of them condemned Trump’s baseless allegations behind closed doors.

The owner of the Fox empire, Rupert Murdoch, recently testified and confirmed that his employees were lying. They were fully aware that the election was fair and secure. Thus, the battle lines were drawn. It is now Fox and right wing politicians who are attempting to place Trump in the past and those who continue to serve their fascist lifetime loser.

Steve Bannon Simply Will Not Shut Up

One of the most boisterous critics of Murdoch and Fox is Steve Bannon, Trump’s former White House Adviser and adamant supporter of Q’Anon.

“Note to Fox News senior management: When Donald J. Trump talks, it’s newsworthy,” Bannon said during a fiery speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), blasting Rupert Murdoch, the owner and co-chairman of Fox Corp, saying, “You’ve disrespected Donald Trump for long enough.”

I do not believe that the term “newsworthy” has ever applied to Trump’s rants and lies. He is incapable of talking about the issues or any effort to improve the lives of all Americans.

For the first time in decades there are empty seats at CPAC. This is the ultimate display of how divided the once Grand Old Party has become.

Written by James Turnage

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Top and featured image courtesy of Rubaitul Azad‘s Unsplash page – Creative Commons License

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