Does the second amendment support assault rifles and handguns?


By James Turnage:

A few days ago, DiMarkco Chandler wrote an intelligent and logical article about changes in our gun control laws, and about the reality that we are a gun crazy country.  I wrote a lesser article about the same subject.

The facts cannot be denied by the NRA, and gun enthusiasts everywhere.  We are freekin crazy for our guns. Tonight, on the local Reno news, a report stated that one individual was going to the movies tonight, and wanted to purchase a gun to protect himself.  What idiocy is this?  Law enforcement, in addition to military individuals, have analyzed the Aurora, Colorado incident, and agreed that nothing could have been done to stop this atrocity, even if everyone in the theatre had been armed.

People kill people, aided by the guns and the enormous amounts of ammunition they can purchase.  No other country in the world has a number that is in close proximity to the United States in reference to innocent people murdered by assault rifles and handguns.  Deaths by guns of any type are rare in the United Kingdom, and Australia, where guns are virtually outlawed.  Arguments that areas of our country that have the weakest gun laws have the least crimes, is, plainly put, bullshit.

Like every other person in our country, I am crying for the victims of an obviously warped individual.  We may never know the exact reason why he murdered so many innocent individuals.  But, for Romney to say that the gun laws in this country are just fine, and that the man who committed these heinous acts was breaking the law, which was obvious, and gave no rational, told me he has no logical thought, no basis in the reality of life.  Mormons love guns.

The fact is, that most guns sold in the U.S. are designed to kill people.  Guns sold for hunting or recreational purposes are a small part of sales.  The bottom line is “nuts with guns kill people”.  The second amendment is very important to me, but it does not support assault rifles and handguns.  When will intelligence surpass radical emotion?  Sadly, I have personally known friends who were killed by guns.  They were not at war, not defending their homes or their family, they were killed by family members, neighbors, and by people they never knew.

I shouldn’t even be writing this.  If we were an intelligent, educated country, we would see that money trumps good judgment.  The NRA and gun manufacturers make billions of dollars a year waging scare tactics.  I, for one, am more afraid of them than I am of going to the movies.


Sun Valley, Nevada