Sperm Donor Must Pay Child Support, Judge Says

sperm donor

A judge ruled Wednesday that William Marotta, a sperm donor who contributed to the conception of a lesbian couple he did not know, must pay child support for the child the couple had. The suit was filed by the Department of Children and Families in 2012 in Kansas.

The Kansas Department of Children and Families looked to have Marotta declared the legal father of the child, born 2009, in order that Marotta would be held responsible for paying $6,000 in public assistance the state had already given the lesbian couple. The Department of Children and Families also wanted Marotta to pay future child support.

William Marotta, the sperm donor who was forced to pay child support by the ruling of the Kansas Judge, opposed the legal action, claiming that he had signed a waiver when he donated the sperm in response to an advertisement.

The reason the judge gave for forcing the sperm donor to pay child support was that the donor had not gone through the proper legal channels dictated by Kansas state law for sperm donation, notably a 1994 law that requires a physician to perform the insemination.

By Day Blakely Donaldson


ABC News

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