Kim Kardashian Video Game Possibly Biggest of the Year


Kim Kardashian’s video game may well be the biggest success of the year. Analyst Douglas Creutz has stated that the game is estimated to reach a possible $200 million in revenue. While he admits that the game was originally popular due to Kardashian’s level of fame, he states that the game is continuing to be successfully based on its playability merit alone.

The game’s chief executive officer, Niccolo de Masi, says that he is not at all surprised that the app has ranked as high as second most downloaded free app in the United States Apple Store. He attributes the app’s enormous success both to Kardashian’s enormous fan base and to her one of a kind appeal factor. De Masi also goes on to state that he feels people get a certain joy out of feeling like they are a part of a celebrity’s life or be able to live somewhat vicariously through the life of a superstar.

The app allows players to customize the look of their own unique character who works at a clothing store in Los Angeles. While working at the store, the character meets a virtual Kim Kardashian, who is in a rush to find a new outfit to wear to a photo shoot later that day. She invites the player’s character to said photo shoot after the character refuses to take payment for the outfit, an invitation which the character accepts. At the photo shoot, the character finds out that he or she is a natural, and modelling career begins to blossom. With the help of virtual Kardashian (whose avatar and voice guide the user through the game), the player can gain fame and fortune as a top, as well as update their look and wardrobe as they progress levels. Items are purchased by either using the in-app money or by purchasing more stars (a handle of which are given to the player at the beginning of the game, but not enough to buy the more upscale items). Money is earned by completing tasks, such as meeting with a potential client or going for lunch with Kardashian at the latest Beverly Hills hot spot. The game also allows you to gain fans by making certain connections and getting yourself noticed in the social media world.

The game, released at the beginning of July, has already garnered the coveted five-star rating in the United States Apple store, with over 100,000 users giving the game a full ranking. Users have raved about the game, praising its ability to get users addicted to it, as well as its extremely high level of playability. The game is also certainly on its way to earning its estimated revenue, with a blog reviewer confessing to having spent almost $500 on the aforementioned in-app merchandise for her character. In terms of success on the Android platform, the game is ranked with an approximate four and a half star rating, with the amount of downloads matching the Apple platform.

Kim Kardashian has not given a statement surrounding her thoughts on the video game on possibly being the biggest  app of the year. However, the game’s popularity seems to be showing no signs of dwindling any time soon.

by Rebecca Grace

Sidney Morning Herald