War Machine Claims He Was Victimized in Christy Mack Beating

war machine
Disgraced ex-MMA fighter War Machine is of the belief that he was the one victimized in the aftermath of the beating he laid out towards ex-girlfriend Christy Mack, which occurred near the end of the summer. He recently explained his feelings via a note found in his prison cell shortly after he attempted to take his own life this past Thursday.

The note was written in copy form of a letter the man had sent to a friend shortly before the attempt, a friend who is rumored to be the girl who suffered the aforementioned attack at his hands. It details a previous breakup and reinstatement of relationship, a union which he claims was never the same once the two got back together. The 32-year-old claims that something felt different about the girl after they reunited following their breakup, but that he could never quite pinpoint what it was. War Machine then goes on to discuss what happened on the night of the attack, which he makes an attempt to justify by saying that he was simply overwhelmed with heartbreak at what he saw transpiring when he paid Mack a visit following their most recent spat. He went on tell the note recipient that she will never understand the level of heartbreak and feeling of betrayal he suffered that night at the hands of her infidelity, which he states he was thrown for a loop by discovering. War Machine says that the infidelity was not even the worst part of the discovery, but rather the efforts Mack made to shield the other man (Corey Thomas) from her ex-boyfriend’s rage. He claims the feeling he got when he realized how willing she was to love and protect him from the man who was supposed to be the love of her life, was worse than viewing her cheat on him with Thomas. The note wraps up with his words stating that he did not know how he got into this mess, and that he did not understand why it had to happen with him. War Machine told the girl that he had found it in his heart to forgive her, and asked if she could forgive him.

The aforementioned alleged suicide attempt that occurred last Thursday was put to an end by a passing prison officer, who was making his rounds and took notice of the fact that not all was right when he passed War Machine’s cell. Upon calling out the ex fighter’s name and receiving no response, the officer in question let himself into the prison cell only to find the California native having had constructed an apparatus in which to end his life. The prison official quickly disassembled said apparatus, upon which time the man became more responsive and began to try to speak. He was subsequently put in a solitary medical cell on watch of suicide, where he still remains. He is still awaiting trial for the aforementioned beating of Mack, for which he is facing a total of 32 counts. Two of these are attempted murder, along with kidnapping and multiple other serious offences.

It remains to be seen whether Christy Mack will accept War Machine’s apology for what happened that night. The adult film actress has not yet issued any statement regarding the matter.

By Rebecca Grace

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