HCHBB’s Anna Shannon Shuts Down GoFundMe Account After Fan Outrage

Anna Shannon, former star of the now canceled TLC reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, recently became involved in a dispute with her fans over a GoFundMe account she started in her own name, asking her supports to help her out financially. The 20-year-old has since shut down the funding account, but is unmistakably bitter over having to do so.

The mother of one had began soliciting money on GoFundMe at the start of this weekend, asking for a total of $20,000. While she did not give any full explanation as to what she needed it for, it was assumed that the funds were being asked for to help with food and rent etc. Fans of the reality television star did not take kindly to this request at all, taking to Facebook to voice their extremely disbelief and discontent with the girl’s actions. They expressed their opinion regarding how incredulous it was that someone who got their earnings from a formerly highly rated television show was on the internet, begging the public to assist them financially.

Upon becoming aware of the public outrage her GoFundMe account had caused, Shannon proceeded to shut it down almost immediately. She soon after issued a statement explaining her reasoning for removing the fund, saying that it was because everyone had come to think she was involving herself in a desperate money grab. She went on to state her disapproval with the fact that no matter how much she tries to do the right thing and follow the advice of those who care for her, she always ends up being taken advantage of/disapproved of for her choices.

As for why she needs help to fix her monetary situation, Shannon has accused her mother June of having drained her personal trust fund which consisted of her own personal earnings from the family’s reality television show. She says the 35-year-old used the money to buy extravagant gifts for her newly instated boyfriend and convicted child molester Mark McDaniel, namely a new car and place to live. Shannon says she found out her account had been emptied when she called the bank to check the balance, upon which time she was told that there was barely $15 left. She said she was especially hurt by this because of the fact that she was the reason the man was put away for 10 years, as he had molested her sexually at the mere age of eight. She could not believe that her mother was involved with the man again at all, let alone using her funds to put his life back together. The mother, however, has adamantly shot down these accusations. She insists that she never took a dime from her daughter except to pay for the girl’s rent and cell phone bill. She says all the money used for McDaniel’s new house and car came from her own personal bank account, and that Shannon tends to exaggerate certain circumstances to make herself look better and has done so in the past several times.

It remains to be seen how Anna Shannon’s monetary situation will be fixed following her voluntarily shutting down her GoFundMe account due to negative reception. She has not yet released any further updates on her circumstances.

By Rebecca Grace