Katy Perry Reportedly Planning on Dissing Taylor Swift at Superbowl XLIX


Katy Perry is reportedly planning on delivering something of a message to arch nemesis Taylor Swift, at this year’s Superbowl at which the former artist is performing. The XLIX annual of this event will take place on Sunday, February 1.

An individual claiming to be an insider on the situation recently gave an exclusive interview with HollywoodLife, in which they detailed the 30-year-old’s plans for ultimate revenge at the popular sports television special. Apparently, the Roar singer wants to prove to the world that she is the biggest female act in pop music and can blow Swift out of the water with just the slightest push, something she plans to put into action at the beginning of next month. She also wants this year’s Superbowl to be as big of a party as it’s ever been, and has reportedly been in what the insider refers to as ‘rehearsal mode’ for quite some time now in preparation for the showdown she plans to inflict at the game in question.

The insider goes on to state that Perry will be doing something on stage to directly address her feud with Swift, an action or gesture that will in no way be able to be ignored or passed off as meaning anything other than a flat-out diss towards the 25-year-old, whom Perry has had beef with for quite some time now. She is said to be determined to show the American public, as well as anyone else watching, that she is the Queen Bee and that the Pennsylvania native has got absolutely nothing on her in terms of being the most up and coming female starlet of the pop/Top 40 genre.

Perry’s fight with Swift has become something legendary as of late. Back in November 2014, her boyfriend Duplo created a meme of theĀ Blank Space hit maker in which she was wearing short shorts, with a caption stating that he felt Swift needed to gain some pounds and subsequently have a more desirable backside. The country/pop crossover star’s BFF Lorde quickly came to the singer’s defense, tweeting that perhaps they should start questioning the legitimacy of Duplo’s man-parts in comparison.

The rivalry between the two singers has reached a level of somewhat infamy in the past half a year. The track Bad Blood, which was released on Swift’s most recent album 1989, hitting stores back at the end of October, relates to the rather hostile relationship the two have built up over the years. The song referenced the fact that Swift had never really been sure of the pair’s friendship, as in were they or were they not friends, until an instance in which Perry tried to steal Swift’s entire crew from under her in the midst of her Red tour. She was unable to Shake It Off, however, and thus penned the track in order to reveal her true feelings on the black-haired chart-topper.

It remains to be seen whether or not Katy Perry will go through on her promise of embarrassing Taylor Swift at the upcoming Super Bowl. Fans will have to wait until February 1 to see what actually goes down.

By Rebecca Grace

in Touch Weekly
Photo by Samanta Sekula – Flickr License

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